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By Benny Har-Even



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The first thing you need to do is register online, which is something of a pain. One advantage though, is that once you create a profile information about your set-up is permanently stored so you can access it and update the remote from any browser and PC. The first thing the software did was to download and update the firmware on the remote. You then tell the software what components you have. The more detail you know about them, such as the precise model numbers, the better and it will be useful to have all the original remotes to hand in case you need to teach the 525 a command that isn’t in the online database.

As well as being able to switch between devices the 525 has a button at the top called, ‘Activities’. From here you can access specific pre-defined tasks, so that you it can do several things at the touch of a button. So if to watch TV your setup requires you to turn the on the TV (obviously), making sure it’s on the correct input, turn on your AV Receiver on a particular input, and turn on the Sky box, you can do that pressing two buttons, instead of fifteen.

The initial software wizards are very good, and I was quickly able to set up a basic Activity for my TV, Sky box and speakers.

The downside to this is that the controls are only as good as the database. My surround system is a venerable set of Videologic DigiTheatre DTS speakers. I use the optical out so the speakers have to be set to that input to hear anything. While the DigitTheatres were in the database, it turned out that the in the database, the inputs were incorrectly labelled. On the device the Optical, Coaxial and Analogue are marked under a heading called ‘Inputs’ – but in the Harmony database the label, ‘Input’ was actually entered as a setting. This meant that the whenever I performed the Activity ‘Watch TV’ the wrong input on the speakers was selected.

Anther issues I had was that while the database set up the device with most of the functions of my Sky + remote, it omitted some crucial ones and I had to go into the profile and manually add the controls. You can also reassign the buttons to some of your most frequently used functions so you don’t have to continually scroll though all the options on the LCD screen to get to the one you want.

The web based interface didn’t make this easy though. Despite having acres of screen real estate, the list of controls were placed in a small window, causing me to have to scroll up and down unnecessarily.

Ian Nihcaj

October 26, 2008, 10:59 pm

Oddly the ONLY device it worked on at all for me was the Vivanco scart switch box! Apart from that, a nightmare experience is how I can sum it all up - in particular Panasonic equipment does not work with it, and I have spent what feels like a lifetime of trying before giving up, as even "working" codes for devices have many errors, and I can only assume it is because Logitech are distributing codes of keypressses made by users which are wrongly input, and/or have the wrong model numbers attached.

If anyone is in doubt of the problems users face, have a look at Logitech's own support site for thousands of bemused users!


April 24, 2010, 12:32 am

Very helpful and informative review, as always, but I think the low rating is a bit undeserved. I love this remote; the only trouble I had setting it up was (mirroring Ian N's comment) in respect of my Panasonic TV - however, once I turned the Viera link option off in the TV's settings, it worked like a dream.

Never had a universal remote before and this has changed my life (my OH was fed up of having to use three remotes to watch the news!).

I have a Humax 9300 PVR, Panasonic TV, Sony home theatre, Rotel CD, Xbox 360, and an iPod on a DMport, so all fairly mainstream stuff compared to the reviewer's - perhaps that's the difference?

Personally, for £50, I'd give it a good 9 out of 10.


August 10, 2013, 3:04 pm

Obviously you have to be slightly tech savvy. You probably own an iphone too, correct?

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