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Andy Vandervell

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Logitech G9 Laser Mouse


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Though the grips are the stand out feature of the design there's plenty else going on too. There's all the usual buttons, with forward and back on the left side and primary left and right click buttons. All have light but responsive mechanisms and are well positioned for comfort and immediacy.

We also like the mesh piping surrounding the cable, which ensures it doesn't become snagged on obstacles and most importantly prevents it from curling up when wrapped around the mouse during transit. Anyone who routinely attends LAN parties will appreciate this and it's another indication that a lot of thought and research has gone into making the G9, which is obviously no bad thing.

Another example of this is the DPI switching facility. It's not a revolutionary feature by any means, but it's perfectly executed. It's controlled via a well placed rocker behind the left click button and you can switch between up to five DPI presets, with the DPI levels ranging from 200 to a massive 3,200 DPI. This gives you an immense amount of control, with Logitech's SetPoint software enabling you to control both the number of presets and set the sensitivity of each axis independently. It's a wonderfully elegant but equally complex solution, once again highlighting the G9's versatility.

Since we're on the topic of SetPoint it's another area where much praise can be bestowed. Once upon a time it was a buggy mess but Logitech has been working on it extensively, to the point where there's little complaint to be made at all. A slick and easy to navigate interface gives you easy access to various options including macro recording facilities, enabling you to record keyboard instructions and bind them to a mouse button.

You can also create profiles, up to five of which can be saved onto persistent memory housed in the mouse. This means you can create settings for specific games and take them with you anywhere, without the need install any software on your new host machine. This is in addition to all the small things you can change, such as the colour of the LEDs to the default function of certain buttons in specific programs.

Continuing the theme of adjustability and versatility you can also adjust the weight of your mouse. You get a selection of four and seven gram weights (four of each), with space for four in the mouse at any one time arranged in 2x2 formation. This gives you the option up to 28 grams of extra weight, while the 2x2 arrangement means you can distribute the weight toward the middle or the back.

André Matos

March 26, 2009, 10:20 pm

This is the best gaming mouse I have ever had, I say that because the impression we got since we touch the mouse is about built quality and features as well, since we can remove parts of the mouse, opening it, changing the scroll rotation and much more when we started configuring the settings of the mouse on its internal memory between 5 profile slots possible for use as the dpi and velocity control, these profiles are distinguished by led colours on the mouse.

A 5 star mouse, quite affordable for those looking for the very best gaming mouse, I must say I previously had a cheaper mouse with a very good value, the A4Tech X718 with 2000 dpi and it can be the cheap alternative of G9 because I bought it for 25 euros(in Portugal) and it includes a software disc to control the settings of the mouse and some adapters.

Cameron James

June 14, 2016, 12:55 am

this mouse is not good for gaming simply due to dpi button placement, you will inadvertently click the dpi +/- a lot during gaming as the buttons are situated directly underneath the left mouse button, its not something you will notice until you begin using this mouse in fast paced fps type games, , it will drive you crazy.Every other aspect is above average however this issue usually results in packing it up and selling it, clearly designed by a non gamer. 1 star only.

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