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Logitech G5 - Gaming Mouse


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Unlike the latest crop of Microsoft mice, the scroll wheel on the G5 has clicks when you rotate it. This is invaluable when you use the wheel to change weapons. Also the wheel can tilt left and right, making it ideal for games that allow you to lean around corners.

Just like the MX518, the G5 looks fantastic. The mouse surface has been given an aged look, where the bronze finish seems to have work off, exposing the grey beneath. I’ve seen fake ageing done many times before and most of the time it looks just that, fake. However, the G5 really does look like a tried and trusted sidearm that you’ve been carrying into skirmishes with you for years. Rounding off this premium package is a braded USB cable – yep, that’s right, there’s no PVC cable covering here, Logitech really wants this mouse to look special.

When I reviewed the MX518 I had to admit that it was expensive for a wired mouse, but that it was worth every penny. Despite the fact that the G5 is even more expensive than the MX518 was, I can’t help but come to a similar conclusion. Even with a price of £45.53 the G5 still feels like good value – after all, if you want high quality, you’re going to have to dig a bit deeper.


Once again Logitech has produced a first rate gaming mouse with features that you simply won’t find anywhere else. I thought it would be quite a while before I found a mouse better than the MX518, but I was wrong. If you’re serious about gaming, you need a weapon that can give you an edge – the Logitech G5 is that weapon.

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Don Raggo

October 20, 2016, 4:50 pm

I'm still using my G5 to this day, bought on day one...trusty ain't the word, such a workhorse, I'm sure I've surpassed more than 10 million clicks by now, never give me any problems except for the mouse wheel scroll went a little funky for an hour or so, back to normal right afterward ! :D


December 21, 2016, 12:26 am

same here, bought in 2008, still using in 2016, still perfect, 6 years of FPS gaming, including world of tanks , this mouse won't EVER give up , STILL cannot feel myself good with ANY of new mouses mostly because of LACK of weight ! g5 with 160 grams ! thats the monster .. and won't get in place you dont need during precision aiming .


March 15, 2017, 10:27 pm

same here, have had mine for well over 8 years and not a single problem with it. Once you find the perfect weight setup, you are golden.

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