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Lexmark X6575 Wireless All-in-One - Lexmark X6575 Wireless All-in-One

By Simon Williams



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Lexmark has taken to quoting print speeds in both draft and normal modes and gives figures of 28ppm and 10ppm for black print and 24ppm and 4ppm for colour. Our five-page text and text and graphics documents recorded 1:03 and 2:29, respectively, giving real world, normal mode print speeds of 4.76ppm and 2.01ppm for black and colour.

To be fair to the company, we also printed a 20 page black text print in single and double-sided modes, giving times of 3:36 and 4:49, equivalent to 5.55ppm and 4.15ppm - still a long way short of the claims on the spec sheet.

Black text print is reasonable for an inkjet printer, though there’s some evidence of ink spatter around text characters. To the naked eye, this just looks like a slight fuzziness and for home and internal office use should be fine. Colour print is good and dense and registration of black text over colour is pretty precise.

Copies of original prints look quite faded when compared directly with the originals and a single page copy took 1:05 from the scanner glass and 1:19 from the ADF. Where Lexmark gets its figure of two copies per minute from is one of life's mysteries.

Photo prints on Lexmark's Premium glossy photo paper are rich and vibrant, but are marred by a sticky feel and scrub marks, as we've noted before from Lexmark inkjets, which we presume come from the printer's feed rollers.

Lexmark sells two different capacities of ink cartridge and the standard capacity cartridge is available in two versions. You can save a couple of pounds through Lexmark's replacement programme, by promising to return each empty and not bin it or have it refilled.

The most cost-effective way of buying cartridges is in a dual pack of the high yield black and colour and using these prices gives a page cost of 3.27p for black and 6.76p for colour. Neither of these page costs is particularly good, but they're not the highest we've seen.


With a street price of just over £100, this all-in-one represents reasonable value, but you can get machines for the same price with extra features like dual paper sources and CD/DVD printing, as well as better print quality and lower costs per page. Wireless connectivity may be useful to you, but the lack of a colour LCD display reduces the value of memory card slots. Check our reviews of other all-in-one machines in the same price bracket before making your buying decision.

Alex 5

August 2, 2008, 7:46 am

If it is anything like the x6570 that I just bought and finally got installed (Hint for Mac owners: Turn your firewall to "All All Incoming connections" just before you install the software and after your finished turn it to "allow only essential connections" on a MacBook Pro, you should realize that you will have to USB it if you want to scan anything into a document or sit infront of the All-In-One and do it manually and send it back to the computer since it can not do it wirelessly, it can how ever fax and print from the computer.

Big Vern

April 9, 2009, 9:48 pm

I bought an X6575 just 6 weeks ago for home use. I am very pleased with having printed a few colour images and about 50 sides of text.

I am not pleased that the prompts are already coming up saying I have to order a replacement black ink cartridge. At that rate it works out at about 50 pence a sheet which is ridiculous. The cartridge came with the printer and was claimed to be high capacity. Brilliant printer for what I want at home, but it will be destined for eBay if consumption is this high. Is there a print counter at all?

Support Tech

December 5, 2013, 3:43 am

One word garbage. Lexmark can't even supply drivers for any OS other than windows.

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