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Lexmark Pinnacle Pro901 - Testing and Verdict

By Simon Williams



Our Score:


A downside to the intelligence now built into the Pinnacle Pro901 is the time it takes to start up. A typical inkjet all-in-one is ready to go within 10 seconds or so, but the Pinnacle takes over a minute. Not long in the overall scheme of things, but if you prefer not to leave kit in standby, it could get irritating.

Although Lexmark claims normal mode speeds of 16ppm for black print and 10ppm for colour, we didn't see more than 6.4ppm and 2.9ppm, respectively. These speeds are a long way below the spec, and the colour speed is low in comparison with other machines in this price bracket as well.

Duplex print, which comes as standard, gives a speed of 3.9 sides per minute, which is slow, but not as slow as some Canon duplex all-in-ones. A single-page colour copy is quite sluggish at 1min 11secs, though a five-page black text copy from the ADF is reasonably speedy at 1min 25secs. 15 x 10cm photos are universally quick at about 50 seconds, from whichever source you print.

The quality of the prints is fair, certainly a lot better than from previous generations of Lexmark machine. There's a small amount of ink spatter in evidence, but generally print is clean. Colour prints are reasonably bright and black text over prints again shows little sign of running.

A single-page colour copy produced much fainter colours than in the original, and photos, while showing good colour transitions and natural tones, lose quite a bit of detail in darker areas.

This printer, like others at the top of Lexmark's Professional range, benefits from the 105XL cartridge, which contains the same amount of ink as the 100XL, but is priced to give a very low black page cost. We measured this at 1.4p per page, which is very low. It also has an effect on colour page cost, which we calculate at 7.1p per page. This is low in comparison with other all-in-ones, too.


The Pinnacle Pro901 is a replacement for the Prestige Pro805 and offers fax as standard and the option of a second paper tray, which the Prestige doesn’t. With an SRP of £299 inc VAT on the new machine, though, Lexmark will have to watch sales against its top-of-the-range Platinum Pro905, which comes with fax and the second tray as standard and now costs around £265. The prices of both 900 series machines seem high, anyway, when compared with rival printers from other manufacturers.


July 4, 2010, 1:12 pm

You stated that this unit uses Dye based inks did you test the ink for smearing? Most inkjets have moved to Pigment inks to minimize smearing and or smudging when damp.


July 5, 2010, 8:52 pm

A good review, however due to these times of the recession the printer is very expensive and the printer inks aren't that cheap either, no matter how good the printer is, people are always swayed by the price :-)


December 29, 2011, 10:42 am

I had window 7 32 bit OS. Installation of the driver for Lexmark pro 901 can not be accomplished on my computer. The printer is wireless connected to other computers except mine. Three Lexmark tech had tried everything but no success. I had Samsung laser printer wireless connected to my computer and it works fine. I had tried everything to install the driver but no luck. I had downloaded the firmware update and installed on printer using wireless connection. However, no luck installing the driver. Printer recognize my computer but can not install the driver. need help


November 12, 2013, 6:16 am

I have had mine for two years and have been very happy with it. The only thing taht has broke was the self feed for multi papers but it has sent well over 100 fax's and 200 copies before breaking and ink is cheap I would recommend this printer to anyone

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