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Lexmark E260DN Mono Laser review



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Lexmark E260DN Mono Laser
  • Lexmark E260DN Mono Laser
  • Lexmark E260DN Mono Laser
  • Lexmark E260DN Mono Laser
  • Lexmark E260DN Mono Laser
  • Lexmark E260DN Mono Laser


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Lexmark makes a big range of mono and colour laser printers, from personal up to departmental level machines. A mono laser, the E260DN is suitable as a high-end personal laser, or for SOHO or small workgroup use. At just under £200, it could be a very cost-effective machine, for all manner of business documents.

It comes in a two-tone colour scheme of dark grey and off-white and sits quite squat and unobtrusive on the desk. Its front edge is angled down to become a simple control panel, which uses individual LEDs, rather than an LCD display and incorporates just two buttons, one for switching the printer on and off line and the other for stopping a print job. There are no facilities for walk-up print via a USB memory stick, which is a shame.

The main paper tray, at the bottom of the front panel, holds 250 sheets and there's a single-sheet, multi-purpose feed behind a fold-down panel directly above that. A 550-sheet, secondary paper tray is available as an option, bringing the maximum paper capacity up to 801 sheets. As paper feeds to the top surface of the printer, a peculiar sprung, wire restraint stops it from flying off the front of the machine. It has to be said, pages showed very little sign of doing this and the wire seems unattractive and redundant.

At the back of the printer are sockets for USB, Ethernet and legacy parallel ports, so there should be little difficulty in connecting this machine as a direct replacement for an older printer.

Pull down the whole of the front panel and you have easy access to the combined photoconductor drum and toner cartridge. This two-piece consumable is all you have to fit and replace, with the drum lasting a healthy 30,000 pages and the toner a slightly measly 3,500.

Software comprises a network management tool and the driver itself, which provides both PCL 6 and Postscript Level 3 emulations. The printer dialogue offers watermarks, multiple pages per sheet, collation of output and control of duplex print in a simple and easy-to-learn layout.


March 6, 2009, 6:23 pm

Just got one of these from Misco - much better than the Samsung ML-2851ND it replaces (which was noisy, with rubbish software - for Mac OSX - but very fast). It doesn't have the bent wire in the output tray. Printing my first letter I note that 'ff' is printing as '!'. Moving to another font resolves it, but that means I can't use my corporate font - Lucinda Grande.


April 16, 2009, 3:48 am

The glitch on printing in my post above has gone away - I don't think it was anything to do with the printer. After 6 weeks use, I'm very impressed with this printer, its quiet (important in my home office), first page out is nearly instant and it prints envelopes easily and without creasing them. Highly recommended.

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