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By Sandra Vogel



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The phone has a front-facing camera for video calls, too, but it is the main camera that gets the glory. With a small LED flash and autofocus as well as that 120 frames per second video shooting and a macro mode it sounds well-equipped.

The macro mode proved very good. The Sempervivum photo, taken using this mode, shows this small (just a couple of centimetres across) succulent plant in good detail and the colour capture is spot on. The white flowers were photographed quite close up too, though this time not close enough to need the macro mode, and again the shot is quite sharp and clear.

Indoors my trusty standard photo of the coloured dish, photographed under normal household lighting with auto settings for the camera, is not as well lit as I'd have liked, but the metering didn't deem the flash necessary and definition and sharpness are both fine.

While autofocus is welcome I found it a bit of a fiddle. As usual you depress the side-mounted shutter button slightly to trigger the autofocus. However, I found that the autofocus had a habit of hunting for the focal point for quite a while (even in good light), and so it's easy to press the button all the way and take a photo before the focussing is complete.

With its FM radio and music playing pretensions it is a real pity that I was not loaned this handset for long enough to do a full battery rundown. However LG's own paperwork suggests you should get 229 minutes of GSM talk, 123 minutes of video talk and 260 hours of standby. None of these are groundbreaking specifications and I would suspect a charge every couple of days to be the average requirement.


LG needs to refine the camera autofocus button control and consider implementing the touchscreen system throughout, but on the whole there is a lot to like here.

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Lindsay Coulter

May 10, 2009, 3:57 pm

I purchased an LG Secret KF750, I have formally been a NOKIA fan from way back. Looks and feels like a quality product, like the slide action and the soldind feel of the phone. Impressed that I have got is mostly figured WITHOUT having to refere to the manual. Menu options very versitile, yet simple to get your way around. My only complaint is the chargeer socket a fiddly plastic cover that looks like it will snap off within the next week, the plug is not easy to plug into the phone. Apart from that very happy with my purchase at this time.

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