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LG GW620 InTouch Max - LG GW620 InTouch Max

By Edward Chester



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As is ever more common, this phone integrates social networking sites like Facebook, Bebo, and Twitter, allowing you to merge contacts on the phone with those on these other services. Coming under the Social Networking Services app, this makes it really easy to keep track of all your communications with a contact no matter what method they choose to chat. The phone can also auto tag photos of your friends after it has learned what they look like from existing photos and you can call a friend simply by tapping on a tagged picture of them. SMSs are also threaded so its easy to keep track of conversations.

LG has also added a theme that makes this phone look like the rest of LGs range. In particular, a row of shortcuts to dialler, contacts, message folder, and apps page runs along the bottom while the icons in apps page are sorted into groups by type; communication, multimedia, and utilities, Google, and downloads. You can revert back to the standard Android look and feel if you like, though.

Thanks to the Android Marketplace, it's easy to cram this phone with all sorts of apps and games. However, we did find the 500MHz processor a little sluggish even in day to day use so fancy games or sat nav apps, for instance, might struggle.

Call quality testing highlighted no particular shortcomings while the speaker was surprisingly powerful though not up there with the best like that on the Blackberry Bold 9700. Being a large touch-screened phone we weren't expecting miracles when it came to battery life and the GW620 didn't disappoint, so to speak. We generally got about a day and a half to two days out of a single charge, which is about typical for such a device.

The GW620 is available for free on contract through T-Mobile and Virgin Media for as little as £20 a month and can be bought SIM free for £299.99. So, while relatively low cost, this certainly isn't a rival to the T-Mobile Pulse for instance. Indeed it seems to us that LG might have shot itself in the foot trying to save money on this device when it could've just added a faster processor and better touch-screen and had a device that rivalled the best smartphones.


All told, the LG GW620 IntouchMax is close to being the perfect Android smartphone – assuming you want a physical keyboard. Its keyboard is superb, it has all the features we'd hope for, all laid out as well as we've seen. Sadly, the package is let down by the use of a soft resistive touch-screen and slightly sluggish operation.

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February 26, 2010, 10:17 pm

Edward Chester,

I beg to differ about resistive touch screens, for the following reasons:

1. They can be used with gloves on.

(Have you been outside lately? It's cold.)

2. Once you are used to the amount of pressure, they work perfectly.

3. Capacitative touch-screens give up if your fingers are too dry.

4. Screens made of plastic are less likely to smash (as my HTC Magic did). Although not exclusively resistive, plastic is more widely found on resistive devices.


February 26, 2010, 11:17 pm

Hmm this is an interesting handset. I have to admit to being a fan of the slide down keyboard, not necessarily because of typing speed, (which I find fine on most touchscreen keyboards, including on my BB Storm) but more because the amount of screen space the keyboard takes up while typing. I much prefer having a full screen to view while typing. However, in reality I would need a Snapdragon 1ghz, and a capacitve (and possibly slightly larger) screen before I would consider this handset.

jhawar sunil

March 23, 2010, 2:07 pm

Please re-check its features - its a dumb phone - can not communicate with others thru BT, can not synchronize with your laptop / PDA addressbook. become too warm (hot, battery is only good for few hours actual use. This may be good for 1st time mobile user, never tried "features" before. If you are thinking to switch-over please have a 2nd thought.

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