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If you like some of the full-frontal touch-screened handsets that are doing the rounds but don't have the dosh to afford the likes of Samsung's Pixon, or LG's Renoir then you can opt for LG's Cookie, aka the KP500.

With this phone LG says it is 'bringing an affordable touchscreen phone to the masses'. Well, OK, but LG's understanding of the term 'affordable' and yours might not be the same. This is not really a handset for those looking to drastically pare their phone costs to the bone. Carphone Warehouse has it for £35 a month on Orange Dolphin, £40 a month on T-Mobile Combi and £45 a month on O2, all for 18 months.

For that kind of money, you have the right to expect something very serviceable. Up to a point, that's what you get here. Weight and height are both acceptable. The phone weighs just 89g and measure 106.5mm tall, 55.4mm wide and 11.9mm thick.

And at first glance the Cookie looks rather like LG's own Renoir. It shares that phone's 3in screen and its 240 x 400 pixels, as well as having the same under-screen button design offering three small buttons - Call, End and a central button that whisks you off to your favourite apps as well as a switch-list of running apps.

The user interface on the two phones is similar, too, with LG's rather clever main screen widgets available. These are shortcuts to on-phone services that you can drag onto and off from a slide-out 'pinboard'. Rather neatly, you can either drag the widgets to the screen space you want them to occupy or drag randomly and then shake the phone to get them to automatically align on a grid pattern. The choice of widgets isn't as large as that on LG's Renoir, but it does include staples like a calendar, time, image viewer and music player link.

Another rather nice main screen feature is that if you swipe left to right, any widgets you have put on the screen disappear to be replaced by as many as eight speed dials complete with thumbnail photos. Whatever image you've chosen for the wallpaper remains intact.

Meanwhile, tapping the top of the main screen calls up a ‘status summary' offering basic system info, a profile switcher and Bluetooth toggle.

There's also an accelerometer that swivels the screen round between portrait and landscape formats as you move the phone in your hands, or play games that take advantage of this feature.

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January 9, 2009, 6:26 am

"With this phone LG says it is 'bringing an affordable touchscreen phone to the masses'. Well, OK, but LG's understanding of the term 'affordable' and yours might not be the same. This is not really a handset for those looking to drastically pare their phone costs to the bone. Carphone Warehouse has it for 㿏 a month on Orange Dolphin, 㿔 a month on T-Mobile Combi and 㿙 a month on O2, all for 18 months."

You may need to reassess your opinion on this phone a bit, the prices on the carphonewarehouse site include a free ps3 with singstar 2 and mics. The phone is less than 𧴜 on pay as you go and free on all contracts from sites like mobiles.co.uk. Seems pretty cheap for a phone which whilst not as feature packed looks a lot nicer than the renoir.

Seems a shame as the review seems jaded by this assumption focusing in the lack of features against the renoir/pixon etc. Not on my shopping list but seems a good phone for the money.


January 9, 2009, 3:06 pm

And if you don't want a PS3 / WII or XBox360, 18 month contract, handset is free and 㾻 a month. So could be an expensive way to buy a PS3.


February 21, 2009, 7:00 pm

I own this phone and mostly I love it. Marvellous technology for the price BUT you guys obviously didn't play with it long or thoroughly enough to find the software bugs in the UI. I would list them but I fear it would be quite a long list.

Chris 14

February 26, 2009, 2:55 am

This is a lovely phone but the firmware isn't finished and LG appear to be in denial. Their support site and telephone support is hopeless. Aside from the occasional excusable glitch you get with any complicated electronic device, this phone's favourite tricks include rebooting randomly and a calculator with a dodgy divide-by function ( e.g. 110 / 1.1 = 49.1 er... don't think so!!!)


April 20, 2009, 11:24 pm

It's Really Good And Moree Affordiable,, And you would think it would be more considering it is touch screen it is only 䀍.50 on 02

It is also good touch reaction

Kischa Gair

September 7, 2009, 5:06 pm

£99 i wish id have kept, or spent a little extra to get a Samsung or Ericcson! This phone is absalutly terrible, and i would never advise anyone to buy it let along get it on contract. Sooooo many problems,

*Rebooting itself randomly

*Bettery Failier even though its got full battery

*The dreaded death blue screen

*Bluetooth connections faulty

*The phone takes it upon itself to delete images/videos/messages

*Message storage device is terrible with a loudsy 250 each box

I could go on...for ever!

Do NOT perchase this phone!

Peter Thomas

December 3, 2009, 6:48 pm

First touch screen phone I`ve had and I usually keep it in my pocket when I`m working only trouble is it seems to dial random numbers (Not very good at 3am)when it feels like it. I`ve been told that the screen is activating itself and then dials the first number it finds !!! anybody else had this problem ?


July 12, 2010, 12:27 pm

The software does have lot of issues and hardware too.Its a phone --I will recommend --Not to Buy--Multiple reasons ---1) The earphone gets hot ,when you are taking a conference call for more than 10 minutes duration ,so not a OK phone ,if you plan to take conference calls of longer duration 2)Its camera is too sensitive and most of the times the pictures will be blurt ,this is not a case with Nokia ,so too sensitive for objects movement and a fraction of milimeter movement will not give the clear picture ,so best suitable for non living objects photography 3)The software is too bad--I started having the issue that if I press contacts ,it will give invoke function of call og ,so understood that the touch screen calibration lost and if I do it,still not correcting the issue 4)If I want to restore the photos ,its not restoring the datewise ,so I need to add overhead for sorting the downloaded photos,photdownloading is very slow 5)Sftware is not user friendly as compared with Nokia 6)The speakerphone volume is not high upto expectations ,so please do not buy this phoneas a compromise for money ,I think,user will frustrate later on because of quality


October 3, 2010, 11:54 pm

i have an lg cookie and i hate it, the phone is useless. it keeps rebooting itself, the internet doesnt always connect even when it does on someone else's phone, the music takes forever to load even if theres not much on it, the pictures dont always move from the phone to the external memory, messages dont always move from the inbox to the "my folders", it freezes and it is downright useless

mrs outofpocket

January 27, 2011, 3:32 pm

Bought an LG COOKIE KP500 in April 2010 and it had annoying problems like freezing when texting, switching itself on/off randomly, etc. The worst thing about it was the inner screen cracking overnight despite it was kept on a shelf in its "sock" and there were no visable marks on the outer screen. LG wanted ME to pay repair costs which amounted to more than the purchase price so now have an unusable mobile!! Won't be buying any more LG products ever again.

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