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In other ways, though, the 37LT75 lives up to our expectations nicely. For instance, colours are likeably vibrant during a run-through of Braveheart, recorded in HD from Sky. But the vibrancy doesn't come at the expense of reasonably (though not emphatically) natural tones.

HD pictures also look very sharp, especially given that the set doesn't have a full HD pixel count. The set is thus up to the job of picking out the occasional thumb print on the figures of Wallace And Grommit in The Curse of the Were-Rabbit, again recorded from Sky HD.

More good news finds actions scenes suffering less than might be expected from LCD's motion smearing problems. Motion looks reasonably fluid, too, for the most part, with one very noticeable exception: 1080p/24 sources. With these the TV makes a right hash of things, leaving images looking unwatchably jerky and stuttery. But we don't see this as being too heavy a problem on a set as relatively small as 37in, and the 1080p/50/60Hz signals the TV is comfortable with, all look fine.

Arguably the most important thing about the 32LT75's pictures is the fact that they deal really well with standard definition sources. LG has traditionally struggled to attune its picture processing and characteristics to the UK's broadcast sources, but on here they look cleaner, more naturally coloured and sharper than we've ever seen from LG before. Maybe the UK-specific work that's had to go into putting a Freeview Playback TV together has finally persuaded the Korean brand to address the criticisms we've raised in the past.

Although the 37LT75's speakers don't look up to much, contained as they are within a very narrow bar beneath the attractively presented screen, they turn out to be pretty potent, underpinning a clear, nicely rounded mid-range with a solid bass track and presenting a likeably wide soundstage.


While LG's second Freeview Playback TV perhaps inevitably hasn't caused as much of a stir around the TrustedReviews offices as the first one did, the 37LT75 is still a very accomplished, feature laden and easy to use little number that simply cries out to be auditioned by anyone who's still to get round to ‘going digital'. One last thing before you decide to get one, though; you might also like to consider buying the 42in version instead, since at the time of publication, it's actually going for £39 less than its smaller sibling!


October 22, 2008, 12:05 am

My LG 37LT75

I bought the TV in January. It looked very good. Apart from the annoying ‘auto turning over to record’ when I was watching another programme I really liked it.

Then I noticed it locking up when I was trying to turn over channels. The whole TV would lock and I had to turn the TV off and back on to get it to respond to anything other than the on/off button. I ignored it for a month or so.

It got worse over the months, so 9 months in to the warranty I contacted LG. It took a few goes but eventually an engineer was assigned. He was given the wrong address details but I managed to direct him to the flat over the phone and someone else let him in for me. He said he planned to change the main board.

When I got home the TV worked for a couple of hours at most and then locked. This time nothing worked – no power, nothing. So I went from being in an annoying situation to no TV.

I contacted LG that night. I said I was concerned that this TV was a lemon and that I didn’t want a repair but wanted a refund or a replacement. They ignored this. I eventually had an engineer assigned for today, 5 days after his previous visit resulted in the TV stopping completely.

I had a message from the engineer this afternoon on my mobile: "I've ordered a new part - it'll take a week or so"

I called customer services and said that I didn’t think this was not good enough. This was obviously a lemon and I wanted a replacement or a refund.

The person on the phone said he couldn't authorise it. He said it was policy. I asked to speak to someone else. He said I had to write to LG office. I pointed out that as they were an electronics organisation I expected them to have access to telephones - he said 'no'.

I asked to speak to a supervisor - He said there wasn't one.

I asked if he was alone in the building with nobody supervising - he said there were managers but not supervisors.

I asked to speak to a manager - he said no.

Bear in mind that the TV only had one irritating fault until their engineer showed up.

So that means no TV for at least 2 weeks. I doubt it will last more than 2 days out of the warranty no matter what they do to it. I spent more on this TV than on my computer.

My advice: Don't touch LG TVs with a bargepole.

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