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More kudos should go to the 37LG6000's image presets which, with the exception of the ludicrously over-aggressive Vivid mode the TV ships set to, are unusually well-calibrated to suit different types of source (sports, films, games, etc).

Finally in the plus column, the 37LG6000 shows that LG really is doing pretty well now at tackling its long-held problems with rescaling standard definition sources to Full HD screens. In fact, with all but the very lowest quality native Freeview channels, the 37LG6000 now reproduces standard definition with less noise and more colour accuracy than many of LG's current rivals. Provided, at least, that you tone down the contrast levels and leave the noise reduction set to Low.

While the 37LG6000's pictures can look spectacular, though, and are never less than enjoyable, they aren't quite uncompromising enough to win my heart completely.

The biggest single problem is an old nemesis of LG LCD TVs: black level response. Even with the backlight set very low - as happens if you choose the TV's Cinema preset - there's still some noticeable greyness over dark scenes, leaving them looking both a little short of depth, and lacking in shadow detail.

That's not to say the 37LG6000 isn't a big improvement in this area compared with previous LG LCD generations, though. And the issue doesn't stop dark bits of predominantly bright footage from looking convincing. But it's an undeniable fact that there are other TVs out there that do black level better - including, Panasonic's 37PX80 plasma TV, which can now be found going for even less money than this LG if you look hard enough.

My slight concern over the 37LG6000's black level response isn't helped by the appearance of a couple of narrow strips of backlight seepage in the bottom left and top right corners of my review sample - though it's important to stress that this seepage is on nothing like the level witnessed with a couple of Sony's W4500 TVs, and is only even slightly distracting when watching extremely dark scenes.

Another little concern with the 37LG6000's picture is the way it can judder slightly when showing motion. But this is so small an issue that I wouldn't be surprised if many people who buy this TV don't even know it.

Joining the 37LG6000's extremely likeable pictures is a robust audio performance that contains a healthy blend of bass, treble clarity, rounded dialogue and soundstage width. In an ideal world the soundstage would open up a touch more during action scenes to prevent them from becoming just a touch muddy-sounding - but since when has an ideal world only cost £545?!


Although the existence of Panasonic's stellar 37PX80 at a new, sub-£550 price ticket continues to give 37in LCD TVs a hard time, the 37LG6000 is nonetheless a mighty fine effort by LG that has got to be worth considering if a Full HD resolution and sumptuous design happen to sit at the top of your TV wishlist.


January 21, 2009, 10:47 pm

Have to say that's one of the ugliest TVs I've seen of late. The bezel is just way too thick, especially at the bottom of the screen - just makes it look cheap and that large button/light in the centre doesn't help. And what's with the 'scarlet' back, given that in most cases it'll be completely hidden?


January 22, 2009, 12:33 am

@ needlegun: I find it quite attractive and a bit of a relief from the ultra-minimalist approach of thin bezels and pure black facia. I don't think it is as timeless as say, a KURO, but it is definitely 'of the time' and would look especially nifty in a guest room or for a teenager's XBOX 360. 5 years ago it would have been seen as an incredibly progressive design. Although 5 years from now I have no doubt it would be regarded as kitsch.


January 22, 2009, 2:24 am

It's actually a very striking design, I've had a look at this in a local store and it is a very nice design with the strange hole through the bezel and the bright red back, maybe not to everyone's taste but personally I quite like it.


January 22, 2009, 5:07 am

I think this is the first TV I've seen where the back is nicer to look at than the front (at least while it's off). I haven't seen it in person though so it's hard to be sure. It's certainly interesting, I'll give it that.


January 27, 2009, 5:32 pm

When i first saw it, I wasn't too sure about the design, but we chose it because the pic quality looked very good and the price very reasonable for a 37 inch full hd. Once home and installed it actually looks really impressive. SD picture quality is very good and HD is quite amazing. Sound quality isn't brilliant but very few flat screens are but its ok for general viewing, for movies a theatre system is a must. Only negative comment is no headphone socket or any other audio out other than optical.

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