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LG 37LG6000 37in LCD TV review

John Archer



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LG 37LG6000 37in LCD TV
  • LG 37LG6000 37in LCD TV
  • LG 37LG6000 37in LCD TV
  • LG 37LG6000 37in LCD TV
  • LG 37LG6000 37in LCD TV


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One thing you certainly can't call LG's 37LG6000 TV is shy. For every inch of the bodywork wrapped around its 37in screen is a design statement, from the exceptionally sheer minimalism of its gloss-black fascia to the shiny silver and red trim of its half-moon stand and, most strikingly of all, the flamboyantly red finish applied to its entire rear side. Forget about Samsung's ‘touch of red' design; this is a ‘great big in your face explosion of red' design, and I have to say that I, for one, like it. A lot. Notwithstanding the fact, of course, that most people will have the TV pushed right back to or hanging from a wall and so, um, won't actually see the red bits…

Oh well. Even if you do have the TV positioned so that its distinctive Scarlet section is more or less invisible, you can still enjoy a splash of red courtesy of the circle of coloured red light that appears beneath the screen when the TV's in standby. Please note that LG's pursuit of flashness means that this circle's lighting shifts to a tasteful grey when the TV is switched on. Or can be switched off completely if you find yourself being distracted by it while enjoying a particularly intense film or game.

The simple fact that I've already used so many words just talking about how the 37LG6000 looks speaks volumes for the extent of its aesthetic impact. Let's just hope that the lovely design isn't the only thing the set has going for it.

A search for the connections down the TV's side and on that bright red rear suggests that the 37LG6000 certainly is not just a pretty face. For instance, it's got four HDMIs - a real coup on such an affordable TV. Plus there's a USB 2.0 jack for JPEG and MP3 playback and a dedicated D-Sub PC port alongside all the customary connection essentials.

The set also benefits from a Full HD native resolution, and a strikingly high contrast ratio of 50,000:1 - delivered, of course, via a dynamic contrast system that adjusts the output level of the backlight depending on how bright or dark a particular scene is.

Image processing, meanwhile, comes courtesy of LG's XD Engine system, which works on a wide range of picture elements - colour, sharpness, noise reduction and so on. Great though this sounds, it's worth bearing in mind that nearly every other brand has some similar sort of processing with a different name on its own TVs.

What's certainly not common to most rivals, however, is the degree of image setting flexibility offered by the 37LG6000's onscreen menus. Accessed via LG's gorgeous new GUI, interesting options include an extremely high degree of backlight adjustment , a multi-level ‘fresh' contrast booster, a ‘fresh' colour booster, noise reduction, gamma adjustment, a black level booster, an eye care mode that reduces the images brightness a little to make long-term viewing less straining, and finally a picture preset that adjusts the picture settings in response to the amount of ambient light in the room.


January 21, 2009, 10:47 pm

Have to say that's one of the ugliest TVs I've seen of late. The bezel is just way too thick, especially at the bottom of the screen - just makes it look cheap and that large button/light in the centre doesn't help. And what's with the 'scarlet' back, given that in most cases it'll be completely hidden?


January 22, 2009, 12:33 am

@ needlegun: I find it quite attractive and a bit of a relief from the ultra-minimalist approach of thin bezels and pure black facia. I don't think it is as timeless as say, a KURO, but it is definitely 'of the time' and would look especially nifty in a guest room or for a teenager's XBOX 360. 5 years ago it would have been seen as an incredibly progressive design. Although 5 years from now I have no doubt it would be regarded as kitsch.


January 22, 2009, 2:24 am

It's actually a very striking design, I've had a look at this in a local store and it is a very nice design with the strange hole through the bezel and the bright red back, maybe not to everyone's taste but personally I quite like it.


January 22, 2009, 5:07 am

I think this is the first TV I've seen where the back is nicer to look at than the front (at least while it's off). I haven't seen it in person though so it's hard to be sure. It's certainly interesting, I'll give it that.


January 27, 2009, 5:32 pm

When i first saw it, I wasn't too sure about the design, but we chose it because the pic quality looked very good and the price very reasonable for a 37 inch full hd. Once home and installed it actually looks really impressive. SD picture quality is very good and HD is quite amazing. Sound quality isn't brilliant but very few flat screens are but its ok for general viewing, for movies a theatre system is a must. Only negative comment is no headphone socket or any other audio out other than optical.

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