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LG's LCDs have long been notable for the richness and brightness of their colours, and that trend happily continues with the 37LF75. The colour-rich scenes in Hogwarts' great banqueting hall thus look extremely vibrant and dynamic, while the cartoon-like garden of Viva Pinata on the Xbox 360 (see, I told you I'd had my young nephews round!) is a veritable riot of colour.

Perhaps inevitably for its money, though, the 37LF75's pictures do suffer a couple of brickbats. First and worst, their black level response is rather average, leaving the dark scenes in the Order of the Phoenix's Department of Mysteries feeling a little cloudy and flat. You can get rid of the greyness to some extent via the TV's black level booster, but this generates problems of its own in the shape of dark corners that look hollow and thus somehow separate from the rest of the picture.

The second problem finds the 37LF75 looking a touch rough with some standard definition feeds received via the digital tuner. For instance, the picture's naturally aggressive flavour tends to slightly exaggerate any MPEG noise a standard def broadcast might contain, especially if you don't tone down the set's colour and contrast levels from their factory presets.

As for the 37LF75's audio, it's no great shakes, chiefly thanks to a lack of bass to flesh out a healthy action scene. Still, this is hardly uncommon in flat TV circles, and at least trebles are bright and clear and vocals retain their integrity under all but the most extreme duress.


If money's no object, you can certainly find better full HD LCD TVs than the LG 37LF75. But considered more fairly in the context of its highly affordable price, it at least warrants a place on any sub-£800 audition list.

Peter Ward

February 10, 2009, 8:31 pm

I just bought one of these. I was fortunate to get it from John Lewis with a pricematch to Richer (well, close enough to make it worthwhile).

Now it's home, I find it doesn't have audio out. I do remember seeing it listed as a feature on at least 1 AV website so I'm a bit miffed. However, I see that the SCART sockets are in/out so can I get audio from one of these?

I also notice that the inbuilt Freeview tuner is not as good with weak signals as my old Humax set-top box. Has anyone else noticed this?

Finally, is it possible to sort the favourites list, or does it have to be by channel number? Even my old Humax lets me sort the list the way I want it!

many thanks!

Peter Ward

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