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Dominating the features inside the 37LF75's very attractive and slick onscreen menu system is LG's XD Engine video processing. Focussed predominantly on boosting brightness, contrast, motion handling and detail, we have to say we haven't always found the XD Engine to be the most aggressive or successful processing engine in town. But LG refines it with every TV generation, so let's not get too prejudgmental.

It's worth saying, too, that LG helpfully allows you to adjust elements of the XD Engine yourself, such as the extent of its black level ‘boosting', and its standard and MPEG noise reduction operations.

While many TVs feature picture processing systems at least similar in scope and spec to the XD Engine, the 37LF75 additionally offers something more unusual: Faroudja's DCDi processing for enhanced de-interlacing, resulting - we'd hope! - in less jaggedness around contoured edges.

As if all this wasn't already more than you've any right to expect of a TV as affordable as the 37LF75, it's also got a Cinema mode for adjusting the set's progressive processing to better suit film (as opposed to video) sources; a pseudo surround sound processor; and a Just Scan aspect ratio setting that ensures 1080-line sources are shown pixel for perfect pixel, with no overscanning processing applied.

Kicking off our tests with the Blu-ray of Harry Potter And The Order of the Phoenix (I had my nephews round over the weekend - honest!), the LG's HD performance proves to be frequently very impressive.

Bright, extremely sharp footage such as the opening scenes in the children's playground look really spectacularly sharp and detailed, as the 37LF75 gets the absolute maximum value from its full HD resolution. This same full HD panel attribute helps it deliver impressive colour blend finesse too, thanks to the extra pixel density.

The sort of clarity we're talking about doesn't even get messed up badly during action scenes, when you'd expect LCD technology's traditional difficulties showing fast motion to cause smearing and overt resolution loss. There's certainly a little evidence of both problems with the 37LF75, but it's far less aggravating than with many rival LCD TVs - even some costing considerably more.

Peter Ward

February 10, 2009, 8:31 pm

I just bought one of these. I was fortunate to get it from John Lewis with a pricematch to Richer (well, close enough to make it worthwhile).

Now it's home, I find it doesn't have audio out. I do remember seeing it listed as a feature on at least 1 AV website so I'm a bit miffed. However, I see that the SCART sockets are in/out so can I get audio from one of these?

I also notice that the inbuilt Freeview tuner is not as good with weak signals as my old Humax set-top box. Has anyone else noticed this?

Finally, is it possible to sort the favourites list, or does it have to be by channel number? Even my old Humax lets me sort the list the way I want it!

many thanks!

Peter Ward

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