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Kyocera Mita FS-1300D Mono Laser Printer - Kyocera Mita FS-1300D Mono Laser Printer

By Simon Williams



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Kyocera has the right to be quite cocky when it comes to print speeds. Printing a 20-page, single-sided text document took the FS-1300D just 52 seconds, which equates to 23ppm. Kyocera claims 28ppm for the printer, so on a long print run you should get close to this speed, an almost unheard-of event in the world of printer reviews. Even 23ppm is a very reasonable speed for this class of machine.

Printing duplex can be a long-winded procedure in some printers, but the FS-1300D feeds paper through very efficiently, following the second side of one sheet directly with the first side of the next. Our 20-side text document took 1:20, giving a very respectable print speed of 15spm.

Even the 15 x 10cm photo print completed in just 13 seconds, or over four photos a minute. Perhaps that speed is one reason for the slightly patchy photo print, with some blotchiness in the sky and obvious dot patterns thrown up by the maximum 600dpi resolution.

A laser printer’s main task in life is not to print pictures, though, and when printing business graphics and especially when printing text, it does much better. Both text and graphics are light, not nearly as forceful as some other makes of laser printer. They’re never light enough to start losing parts of characters, though, and this delicate touch gives text, in particular, a professional, almost letterpress quality.

As we've mentioned, the single consumable in this machine is the toner cartridge, which is good for 7,200 ISO pages. Using typical Internet prices, this returns a cost per page of 1.72p, including 0.7p for paper. This is around 0.4p cheaper than the page cost from the FS-1100 printer we tested a while back but, surprisingly, pretty much in the middle of the field for mono lasers from a variety of suppliers that we’ve tested recently. It's not just a long-life drum that determines consumable costs.


There are a lot of things about the Kyocera Mita FS-1300D to be liked. It's neat, quick ??" nearly as quick as the spec-sheet claims ??" and duplexes very efficiently. Maintenance is particularly easy and just about anybody in an office could be trained to replace the toner, cutting specialist supervision to a minimum.

Cost per page has dropped quite a bit across rival manufacturers recently and this machine doesn't show the kind of savings some Kyocera Mita offerings have in the past, but it's still not expensive compared with many others. Driver functions are a little thin on the ground, but as a reliable, easy-to-use mono laser printer, you won't go far wrong here.

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