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By Riyad Emeran



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Klipsch Image X10 Noise Isolating Earphones


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Cranking things up a little, I moved onto some Foo Fighters to find out how the Images coped with Dave Grohl's, shall we say, powerful vocals - OK, so he screams a lot, but he's still a genius! Monkey Wrench is a pretty tough test for any earphones - the full on aural assault can often deteriorate into a messy cacophony if the earphones aren't up to the job. The Images did a very good job of keeping things together, but as things got louder and harder, they started to fray at the edges, especially with the volume pumped up. That said, I'm not surprised by this - after all these are single driver earphones that are absolutely tiny.

The Klipsch Image earphones can be had on the street for around £169, which is roughly the same price that the Shure SE420 dual driver earphones are going for. With that in mind I plugged a set of SE420s in to see how they compare to the Images, and was surprised by how good they sounded. I remember being very impressed with the SE420s when I reviewed them a year ago, but I'd forgotten just how good they sound. When it comes to pure fidelity the Images can't really compare to the SE420s - the dual driver Shures manage to pump out effortless bass without compromising the clarity. In fact listening to the SE420s made me realise that the bass response offered by the Images could sometimes muddy the overall clarity of the sound.

You're probably thinking that my advice will be to buy the Shure SE420s instead of the Klipsch Images right? Well it's not quite that simple. Despite the fact that the Images can't really compete with the Shures when it comes to pure sound quality, they still sound pretty damn good, and they offer many advantages over the SE420s. I can't stress enough how comfortable the Images are, and how light they are in your ears. They're also very unobtrusive, and if you saw anyone wearing a pair it would look as though the wires were running directly into their head. I have to say that there are instances where I would rather be using the Images than my own Shure E500s, despite there being an even bigger gap when it comes to sound quality. On the whole a very impressive effort from Klipsch and I'm looking forward to auditioning the rest of its earphone range.


For anyone that wants a set of earphones that sound infinitely better than the bundled set that came with their player, the Klipsch Images will do the job. Not only do they sound good, but they're beautifully constructed, amazingly comfortable and incredibly light. Yes, there are better sounding options out there for the same money, but if you're looking for a killer combination of comfort and sound quality the images are hard to beat.

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Mads L. Madsen

July 25, 2008, 2:52 pm

Hey Riyas, thanks for the review :)

Just a quick question:

Will you be reviewing the new X5 version of the Images as well?

I was thinking that it would be nice to have a comparison of the X5 vs the X10 and a comparison between the X5 and similar models since the X5 are considerably cheaper.

Mads L. Madsen

July 25, 2008, 5:44 pm

Ohh damn, I mistyped your name, sorry about that :(


June 8, 2009, 5:23 pm

I'd tried in ear headphones before (sennheiser cx95) and found them uncomfortable.

However after reading review after review raving about in ear phones, then reading yours about how light these aer I went for a set as I managed to get them for £96.

All I can say is wow!

They are so comfortable and the sound is phenomenal.

Admittedly I'd moved from some Sennheiser mx660 earbuds however I just can't believe the difference!

Thanks TR


September 5, 2009, 5:36 pm

hey dave can u pls tell where u got x10 for 90 quids


December 12, 2009, 2:44 pm

Can't disagree more about the noise transmission through these headphones - it is absolutely terrible, worse than any other headphones I have previously owned.

Yes, sound quality is good (although not as good as my old Shure's - not as much separation in the soundstage) and they are extremely comfortable...much more than Shure's. But, the cable noise transmission is terrible, to the point where it ruins your appreciation of the headphones. There is excessive friction noise coming through the cable - unless you are listening at very loud volumes you can hear this friction through the earphones if you so much as move your head when seated...so trying to use them for exercise is right out. And it doesn't matter which ear buds you use as all of the ones supplied have the same problem as the noise comes up the cable, not in from 'outside'. It really isn't acceptable in a pair of headphones of this cost and I would recommend sticking with better known makes such as Shure.

I have written to Klipsch support twice to query this and have received no response at all...so for me 2/5 and very disappointing...

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