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Klipsch Image X10 Noise Isolating Earphones


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The comfort factor isn't just about the ear tips though, it has as much to do with the weight of each earphone, or more to the point, the lack of weight. These are by far the lightest earphones I've ever pushed into my ears, while the cabling is also suitably lightweight so as not to pull at your ears. Of course I have commented before about how much I like the heavy duty cabling that Shure ships with its earphones, and I still do. However, despite the fact that the cabling with the Image earphones is very light, it doesn't feel insubstantial and flimsy as a result, while it manages to remain untangled even when you just roll it up into a ball and put it in your pocket.

Another impressive feat is that far less noise is transmitted to your ears if you happen to knock the cabling, or if it slaps against you as you're walking. If you're a regular runner, you will absolutely love these earphones, since they don't pull at your ears when you're pounding those miles. My Shure E500s simply don't lend themselves to long runs - being fairly heavy the constant pounding can result in them becoming dislodged, thus compromising the seal, while the heavy cabling is constantly pulling at my ears. The Klipsch Images on the other hand never shake in my ears, the cables never pull and the seal remains intact no matter how energetic your workout.

I also have to say that the Images look superb - finished in a metallic, coppery orange, each tiny cylinder is toped by a semi-transparent silicone tip, while a curved and flexible back feeds the cable to each of the tiny armature drivers. This flexible section also acts as a vibration damper, which explains why less cable induced noise is transmitted to the listener. The cable is just over 4ft long, which gives you enough length to have your player in your trouser pocket, but not so much as to get in the way. I am a fan of the modular cable design offered by Shure, but I can understand that Klipsch was keen to keep the cable weight to a minimum. At the end of the cable is a 3.5mm plug with a bend in it, again using a flexible cable cover - this should result in longer cable life, since cables usually split at the point where they enter the headphone plug. Of course the plug is slim enough to be iPhone compatible.

Klipsch has put together a solid bundle with the Images too. As well as the headphones themselves you get three pairs of silicone tips in the box - if you register online, Klipsch will also send you through another two pairs. There's a small carry case for the earphones with a magnetic fastener, while ΒΌ inch and aeroplane headphone adapters are also included. A nice touch is a large carry case that can accommodate the earphones, the accessories and your MP3 player as well.

Mads L. Madsen

July 25, 2008, 2:52 pm

Hey Riyas, thanks for the review :)

Just a quick question:

Will you be reviewing the new X5 version of the Images as well?

I was thinking that it would be nice to have a comparison of the X5 vs the X10 and a comparison between the X5 and similar models since the X5 are considerably cheaper.

Mads L. Madsen

July 25, 2008, 5:44 pm

Ohh damn, I mistyped your name, sorry about that :(


June 8, 2009, 5:23 pm

I'd tried in ear headphones before (sennheiser cx95) and found them uncomfortable.

However after reading review after review raving about in ear phones, then reading yours about how light these aer I went for a set as I managed to get them for £96.

All I can say is wow!

They are so comfortable and the sound is phenomenal.

Admittedly I'd moved from some Sennheiser mx660 earbuds however I just can't believe the difference!

Thanks TR


September 5, 2009, 5:36 pm

hey dave can u pls tell where u got x10 for 90 quids


December 12, 2009, 2:44 pm

Can't disagree more about the noise transmission through these headphones - it is absolutely terrible, worse than any other headphones I have previously owned.

Yes, sound quality is good (although not as good as my old Shure's - not as much separation in the soundstage) and they are extremely comfortable...much more than Shure's. But, the cable noise transmission is terrible, to the point where it ruins your appreciation of the headphones. There is excessive friction noise coming through the cable - unless you are listening at very loud volumes you can hear this friction through the earphones if you so much as move your head when seated...so trying to use them for exercise is right out. And it doesn't matter which ear buds you use as all of the ones supplied have the same problem as the noise comes up the cable, not in from 'outside'. It really isn't acceptable in a pair of headphones of this cost and I would recommend sticking with better known makes such as Shure.

I have written to Klipsch support twice to query this and have received no response at all...so for me 2/5 and very disappointing...

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