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JVC Everio GZ-MG575EK - JVC Everio GZ-MG575EK

By James Morris



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JVC Everio GZ-MG575EK


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The GZ-MG505EK set a high standard for image quality. With its trio of relatively large CCDs, it offered great performance in a wide range of lighting conditions. The GZ-MG575EK's single CCD in theory puts it at a disadvantage, but the larger size compensates for this somewhat.

In really low light, the new model was slightly behind the old one at maintaining colour fidelity. But in more clement illumination there was little to separate the two models. In bright sunny conditions, the GZ-MG575EK acquitted itself extremely well, with rich colours and plenty of detail. Choosing one of the lower quality settings does introduce artefacts, but at the highest setting the detail is pin-sharp.

Aside from the aforementioned AV output, the camera itself only offers USB connectivity. The AV cable also only provides composite analog video and RCA audio. But JVC supplies a docking station which adds S-video and even FireWire, alongside extra AV, USB and power attachments.

With JVC's Everios now on the market for some years, editing the footage won't cause any problems. All the leading editing applications can now import footage straight from an Everio, and edit it without issue. Only DV remains more widely supported.


When we looked at the GZ-MG505EK a year ago, it proved to be a consummate all-rounder. Its video quality was excellent and its still images of high enough resolution to give your digital camera a hard time. Whilst the GZ-MG575EK offers similarly excellent features, the market has moved on somewhat. But if the leap to HD camcorders is out of your budget, the JVC's sub-£500 price makes it a tasty prospect for family holiday duties, with an eye on more serious usage if desired.

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  • Value 9
  • Image Quality 8
  • Features 7
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