JVC Everio GZ-HD10 Deals

By James Morris


Derek Martin

October 6, 2009, 6:54 pm

Saw this in Hughes Electrical today (6th Oct 2009) for £249. As I can't afford a better quality HD camcorder I am tempted to give it a try...


October 23, 2009, 11:57 pm

i have this camera since august 2009 and i am enough happy with it. I should be very happy considering i got it on a special offer from a mall with 400 $ (US dollars , i guess about 250 £ ). I use it attached on a small tripod in order to reduse sudden moves (gives an aspect of bigger camera to the filmed scenes) because the camera was not heavy enough. The first thing i did was to buy a better accumulator, the one in the box only works for 1 hour. I got the new accu with a free charger (also on special offer). The quality of the films i make is good enough, better than any older camearas and watching everything on a FullHD TV is a special joy (use a HDMI cable). I can see detailes i never saw with any cameras before. The only problem is with the low light situations. In this case the flash socket on the top of the camera had it`s use, i have an old camera light (20Watt) which can give me enough light for 1 hour . Another small problem was with the tapeing outside in windy days, i had to cover the microfone with a small sponge (i don`t like the electronic wind-cut in-camera). The sponge must not be too thick or you will lose the high sounds. You will also lose some stereo effects this way but it`s much better anyway. Once inside you should remove it anyway. The files in the 40gigs HDD are awesome, but you need a very good computer (over 3 gigaherts) if you want to see them. If the CPU proccess is to 100% most time you will experience interruptions in playing the files. The best way to watch what you shot is still on HDMI cable directly on a FullHD or HD tv. So if you get a bargain like i did, do profite of this camera , it`s good.

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