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  1. Indesit IWDC6125

    Indesit IWDC6125

    Price as reviewed £369.00
    22 Aug 2012

    Limited by a 6kg drum capacity and a 1200RPM spin speed, the Indesit IWDC6125 is redeemed by its A-grade wash efficiency rating and a handy Express Wash & Dry option.

  2. Indesit IWDE7125

    Indesit IWDE7125

    Price as reviewed £429.00
    21 Aug 2012

    With a 7kg drum capacity handling all your dirty clothes, the Indesit IWDE7125's A-grade wash performance rating is backed up by a B Class spin efficiency rating.

  3. Indesit IWD7145

    Indesit IWD7145

    Price as reviewed £279.00
    20 Aug 2012

    The Indesit IWD7145 washing machine is a no frills, simple to use device with a 7kg drum capacity and a 1400RPM spin speed.

  4. Indesit IWME126

    Indesit IWME126

    Price as reviewed £299.00
    17 Aug 2012

    With a 6kg drum capacity and an A Class energy efficiency rating, the Indesit IWME126 will clean your clothes whilst helping you save some pennies.

  5. Indesit PWE91672W

    Indesit PWE91672W

    Price as reviewed £304.00
    13 Aug 2012

    The Indesit PWE91672W washing machine sees a hefty 9kg drum capacity paired with a rapid 1600 RPM maximum spin speed.

  6. Indesit IWE81281K

    Indesit IWE81281K

    Price as reviewed £300.00
    13 Aug 2012

    The Indesit IWE81281K washing machine pairs an 8kg drum capacity with an A* energy efficiency rating.

  7. Indesit PWDE8148

    Indesit PWDE8148

    Price as reviewed £430.00
    1 Aug 2012

    Featuring intelligent washing systems to cut wastage and save you money, the Indesit PWDE8148 features an 8kg drum capacity.

  8. Indesit IWDE7145K

    Indesit IWDE7145K

    Price as reviewed £279.00
    1 Aug 2012

    With an A Class energy efficiency rating and 16 wash programmes, the Indesit IWDE7145K will dry your clothes as well as it cleans them.