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Continuing with our 30 Days of Night viewing test, the IN80's HD sharpness seems just as impressive as that of the X10, revealing details as fine as individual snow crystals, and every bit of oral unpleasantness missed by the vampires' clearly abysmal dentists. Both projectors have Full HD resolutions, and it shows.

In fact, the IN80 really only has a couple of serious performance problems: running noise, and the rainbow effect. The former finds the projector emitting quite a bit of racket from its cooling fans, even without the projector's ‘high power' mode selected. The only good news here is that the noise produced is, at least, pretty constant, rather than suffering with the sort of peaks and troughs sometimes heard on projectors using dynamic irises (as opposed to the IN80's manual one).

The rainbow effect, meanwhile, finds stripes of pure red, green and blue colour flitting around in your peripheral vision or over particularly bright image components - especially if the camera pans or your eyes flit across the screen.

On the IN80, possibly because of its slightly greater brightness, I actually spotted rainbowing marginally more often than I did on the X10. But honestly, it only crops up very rarely and very marginally for the vast majority of the time, and I for one still consider it an extremely small price to pay for all the video quality benefits DLP technology brings to the table. That is unless you happen to be one of those people who's particularly susceptible to seeing it, or you want to use an IN80 in a particularly small room, meaning that your eyes may need to rove over the image more than would be the case in a large room.

One other, thankfully avoidable issue worth mentioning concerns the projector's Brilliant Colour feature. For while this definitely does make colours look more vivid, it also ups the picture's noise levels exponentially and in my opinion is best avoided.


The IN80 is undoubtedly a superb projector for its money. However, it is also to some extent a victim of the success InFocus has enjoyed with the X10. For while the IN80 is better than the X10, unless you're particularly keen to go down the custom install route or want the peace of mind of the extra warranty, for me it's not quite better enough to justify the extra £400.

Chris de Hoedt

July 14, 2009, 12:44 am

IN80 projector performs exactly as reviewed, although I did not find the rainbow effect - perhaps I am less susciptable or the recent model March 2009 has reduced the rainbow effect?

My reveiw contribution is regarding the fact that Sony Playstation3 have reportedly recently changed their HDMI hardware and the IN80 will not syncronise with the 1080p HDMI signal from a new playstation3.

Infocus US help desk are working on the problem but do not have a fix yet. May be wise to check this incompatibility issue with other Infocus projectors, especially the X10 which is very similar to the IN80.

An o

October 7, 2009, 12:37 pm

I had a similar problem with the InFocus X10 and the new PS3 Slim. I solved it as follows:

To prevent the projector (Infocus X10) from switching away from source or searching for sources, use the projector remote to bring up the projector menu.

Select "Settings->Sources"

Disable "Autosource"

Set "Source 1" to "HDMI"

Select "Enable Sources"

Disable all sources except HDMI (which must be enabled).


December 23, 2009, 4:01 pm

My first IN80 started overheating after 3 months. I took it back to Richer Sounds, who replaced it with a new unit because InFocus told me I could only have a reconditioned one.

3 months later, this one started overheating. In the end it would overheat from cold in 15 minutes. After reporting the fault I was told by InFocus that it would be replaced 'next week'.

Next week came and went. No contact from InFocus. I contacted them and was told it would be replaced 'next week'. Now re-read this paragraph three times because that is what happened every week.

I emailed their VP, and was given a tracking number which arrived at a depot the next day. Unfortunately it didn't arrive at my house. 8 days later a courier company I've never heard of arranged to deliver it the next day between 9 and 5. Waited in all day, nothing, not even a phone call.

Called them today, and they say it will be delivered tomorrow (Christmas Eve). I won't hold my breath- I'll just look forward to Christmas with no tv.

Why was it overheating? I vacuumed the inlet and exhaust ports to no avail. Eventually I took out the bulb housing to find a fine metal screen behind the wires that is supposed to stop light leaking out. Because the inlet filters are so coarse, they let dust through, which blocks the metal screen. I've cleaned this inaccessible screen which has improved things however there is a similar screen over the exhaust vent which will need cleaning on the inside, to which there is no access.

The projector is not in a particularly dusty location, and to have to clean filters/screens every two months that aren't even mentioned in the user manual is just 'not on'.

I've asked InFocus if putting filters from a Dyson Vacuum cleaner over the numerous inlets would void the warranty on the new unit (if it ever arrives) but they won't answer.

Bad design. Bad customer service. They are really quite useless. Thanks for ruining my Christmas InFocus

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