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Huawei U7510 - Applications, Performance & Verdict

Niall Magennis

By Niall Magennis



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At the bottom of the home screen you’ll find shortcuts to the browser, phone book, dialler and main menu. Open the main menu and you’ll find a range of apps including a Java version of Google Maps (which uses cell tower triangulation only, as the phone doesn’t have GPS), a voice recorder, memo taker and calendar. The main menu is also home to the text messaging and email clients. These are on the whole easy to use, but it is a bit annoying that the user interface doesn’t include an onscreen QWERTY keyboard. Instead, text has to be input via a virtual numerical keypad, which is a tad annoying.

You’ll also find the phone’s music player lurking in the main menu. The music apps on many budget handsets are pretty ropey, but thankfully that’s not the case here. The music player neatly splits up your library of tunes by artist and album title and there are also links to your most recently played tracks as well as an option to select music by genre. The Now Playing screen also looks attractive and presents you with large touch buttons to control playback of your tunes. It lets you quickly switch between repeat and shuffle play modes and to turn on and off the graphics equaliser (there are six modes available).

Unfortunately our UK handsets lacked an FM tuner, although the T-mobile version in the US does have a built-in FM tuner. Another annoyance is that the phone lacks a standard headphone jack. Instead, the supplied headphones connect to the mini-USB port at the top of the phone, which isn’t ideal.

One area where the U7510 scores over the Samsung Genio Touch is connectivity. While both handsets lack Wi-Fi (what do you expect for £50?) the U7510 trumps the Genio because it has support for 3G, while the Genio is stuck with EDGE. This is very noticeable when you’re using the phone’s browser because as long as you have 3G reception pages tend to load quite quickly. Naturally, the U7510 also has support for Bluetooth so you can use it with headsets or of stereo Bluetooth headphones.

The phone’s camera is very basic. It only has a 2-megapixel sensor and lacks an LED flash or autofocus. Nevertheless, the camera app does offer up a surprising range of picture controls and the shots from the camera don’t look too bad given the phone’s low price.

Battery life isn’t the U7510’s strong point, though, as you can only expect a day and a half out of it, or less if you make really heavy use of web browsing via 3G. On the plus side, we had no problems with the phone’s call quality or its reception during our test period.


Huawei has obviously modelled the U7510 on Samsung’s Genio range of handsets. It has a similar design, similar-looking user interface and similar range of features. However, although the U7510 does trump the Genio Touch by adding support for 3G, its software doesn’t feel quite as polished as Samsung’s offering. That said, if you’re on a tight budget and really want the faster web browsing that’s on offer here it’s definitely worth checking out.

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June 30, 2010, 2:36 pm

Any chance of a few screenshots of the UI?


June 30, 2010, 3:30 pm

seriously, at least turn the screen on when you take the photos so we can see what the OS looks like.


June 30, 2010, 4:17 pm

Niall's a freelancer, so he doesn't take the pictures, though I do see a couple of original shots in here, which aren't always included in articles like this one.

Since the OS is the most noteworthy aspect of this phone, a screenshot or two wouldn't go amiss.


June 30, 2010, 6:59 pm

Sod their phone business. They should get to work in making that MiFi look less like an Early Learning Centre toy. Why won't any network give us the cool Novatel one?


July 4, 2010, 10:45 pm

I've had one of these for six months now, bought for £40 in Argos just before Christmas. Battery life is great and mini-USB charging is handy. the default browser is good but Opera Mini is terrific on this phone. I'd like a better interface for texting and I haven't worked out how to teach it new words but it's usable. When connected to a PC, it contains all the software required to use it as a 3G modem.

The only thing badly wrong with it is the non-standard mini USB headphone socket, it won't even work with a mototola min-USB headphone adaptor and havn't found one designed just for this phone. The built in speaker sounds bigger and better than it should when playing music.

My wife, who is Chinese, assures me that Huawei should be pronounced Wha-Whey.


January 1, 2011, 5:38 pm

I have had this phone for 12 months now. I have it for an 18 month contract- I got this phone for christmas 2009 from 3Store.

In my opinion:

the camera is excellent!

free messenger and skype comes in very handy but unfortunatly I would like to have had free internet.

the texting is good phone calls are good- I got a good deal with my tarriff, 75 minutes and unlimited texts just right for me !

The only bad thing i would say is I have had to take my phone back to 3Store for repair 2 times. The 1st time for there was a fault with the texting but they sorted it out and gave me my phone back and I noticed that when my phone had been in repair, on the top right hand side of the screen could be lifted so I went straight back to 3Store complaining and sick and tired of bringing this phone back they at first were very difficult because they thought I had done it on purpose why I would do that I don't know!

But they said they will send it off for repair again and 2 weeks later they just gave me a new phone (but the same Huawei model)

Overall I would recommend this product as all phones have minor issues!

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