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  1. HottyRSG 13

    Hotpoint RSG964J

    Great wash results for very little energy – mostly

  2. Hotpoint WDD960

    Hotpoint WDD960

    With a 7kg drum capacity lining up alongside the unit's 1600RPM cycle speeds, the Hotpoint WDD960 is an attractive appliance with a 'Set and Forget' drying function.

  3. Hotpoint BHWD129

    Hotpoint BHWD129

    With an A Class energy efficiency further bolstered by an A-grade wash efficiency rating, the Hotpoint BHWD129 is a generally strong washer dryer combo machine.

  4. Hotpoint Aquarius WDL5490P

    Hotpoint Aquarius WDL5490P

    With a raft of rating awards the Hotpoint Aquarius WDL5490P has an B Class energy efficiency rating as well as A-grade wash efficiency and B-grade spin efficiency scores.

  5. Hotpoint Aqualtis AQ113D 697S

    Hotpoint Aqualtis AQ113D 697S

    With a whopping 11kg drum capacity, A*** energy efficiency rating and a 1600RPM spin speed, the Hotpoint Aqualtis AQ113D 697S is a powerhouse of the washing machine scene.

  6. Hotpoint WMAL641G

    Hotpoint WMAL641G

    With an A* energy efficiency rating, the Hotpoint WMAL641G, which features a 6kg drum capacity, will help keep your bills low.

  7. Hotpoint WMUD962

    Hotpoint WMUD962

    With an A** energy efficiency rating and a 9kg drum capacity, the Hotpoint WMUD962 will wash large loads whilst helping to keep your bills low.

  8. Hotpoint WMPF742

    Hotpoint WMPF742

    With an A** energy efficiency rating and a 7kg drum capacity, the Hotpoint WMPF742 will clean your clothes whilst saving you cash.

  9. Hotpoint WMAL661

    Hotpoint WMAL661

    The Hotpoint WMAL661 washing machine features a massive 9kg drum capacity alongside an A** energy efficiency rating.

  10. Hotpoint WDF740

    Hotpoint WDF740

    With a 7kg drum capacity the Hotpoint WDF740 features a broad range of wash options and cycle speeds.

  11. Hotpoint WDL520

    Hotpoint WDL520

    Capable of taking 7kg loads, the Hotpoint WDL520's A rated wash performance will ensure your clothes come out spotless.