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Find reviews of the latest HTC mobile phones.

  1. HTC Desire 601
  2. HTC One Mini

    HTC One Mini

    Is this the 4.3-inch device to rule them all?

  3. HTC One X+

    HTC One X+

    Packing some tasty improvements over the HTC One X the One X+ looks like a great all-rounder.

  4. HTC One SV

    HTC One SV

    Is EE's joint cheapest 4G Android phone worth getting?

  5. HTC One XL

    HTC One XL

    Can HTC's One XL rival Samsung's Galaxy SIII LTE for the 4G crown?

  6. HTC 8S

    HTC 8S

    An affordable way to get on board the Windows Phone 8 train.

  7. HTC Desire X

    HTC Desire X

    A mid-range Android phone for those who can't quite afford an HTC One X.

  8. HTC 8X

    HTC 8X

    HTC's new Windows Phone 8 flagship is stylish and has a great screen.

  9. HTC Desire C

    HTC Desire C

    A budget Android 4.0 handset with some nice styling touches.

  10. HTC One V

    HTC One V

    A surprise hit from HTC that looks set to ace the mid-range smartphone sector.

  11. HTC One S

    HTC One S

    Fast and stylish, the One S should be a winner. But a few slipups dent its appeal.

  12. HTC One X

    HTC One X

    HTC's new flagship packs in plenty of goodies but is it the one... to buy?

  13. HTC Explorer

    HTC Explorer

    If you haven’t quite got the dough for one of HTC's pricier high-end Android handset, then the more affordable Explorer might be up your street.

  14. HTC Sensation XL

    HTC Sensation XL

    Beats branded, big and brash. Is this the ultimate music phone?

  15. HTC Rhyme 13

    HTC Rhyme

    Unlike Yorkie, this is for girls!