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Ardjuna Seghers

By Ardjuna Seghers



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Aside from a few stickers, the front of the IQ810 looks stunning. The casing around the screen is glossy black plastic, of the finger-print and dust-loving kind, but at least there's only one button set into it. Otherwise the only thing that breaks its clean lines is the subtly integrated webcam. Inside bezel surrounding the screen looks like it's simply a black part of the display thanks to a smooth glass sheet that covers both it and the screen. This is a trick HP also employs to great success on its Pavilion notebooks. The glossy casing is offset from the matte black speaker-bar beneath it by silver trim that runs around all the IQ810's edges.

Even the all-in-one PC's sides and back aren't unattractive. This is, of course, where you'll find the bays and connectivity, but they're all either well-hidden or nicely integrated. On the right side is the LED backlit power button near the top, while near the bottom are an optical drive indicator, volume controls, a card reader and four-pin FireWire port. The volume controls are very large and easy to use without having to look around the side. The memory card reader will accept SD/SDHC, MMC, MS/Pro and xD. Behind this section is the slot-loading Blu-ray drive.

At the top are ventilation slots and an HP Pocket Media Drive bay, which takes proprietary HP drives through USB. On the left, meanwhile, is a large button which switches on blue LED lighting along the unit's underside, illuminating your keyboard. You can set it to various strengths by repeatedly pressing the button. Below this are two USB ports located very close together, and 3.5mm headphone plus line-in jacks.

Behind this is a removable cover, under which there's a plethora of other connections. Three further USB ports are followed by a Gigabit Ethernet jack, digital and analogue audio outputs and an S-Video input. There's also another line-in, and an IR-out port for the supplied IR extender cable. By now you might have noticed what's missing here: any form of digital or even high-definition video input. This is a real shame, and goes against the everything-for-everyone ethos the IQ810 seems to otherwise embody.

I mean come on HP, you give us a gorgeous 25.5in screen theoretically able to show content from any capable console in glorious high definition, but no way to plug these consoles in unless you're willing to hook your PS3/Xbox360/Wii in through S-Video - in which case you should be committed. If HP sold televisions I might at least see a reason, but as it is the company has seriously narrowed the appeal of this machine. The only excuse is that this is a failing with many all-in-one machines, including the Apple iMac.


January 7, 2009, 8:42 am

what do they say about too many chefs spoiling the broth?


January 7, 2009, 1:57 pm

Hmm, I've never heard of a '3.5mm to composite audio cable', the signal from the analogue audio is not composite video? Are you referring to a RCA jack, i.e. a RCA phonograph connector, aka clinch connector, aka phono connector?


January 7, 2009, 2:05 pm

what's missing here: any form of digital or even high-definition video input

well said TR - but i'd also add HD Video output as well as input

its the one thing holding me back buying one - it's especially annoying when you consider the motherboard inside has the connections (output), its just HP choosing not to implement it

Craig Turner

January 7, 2009, 2:45 pm

I recently bought Sony's RT1SU, with a 25.5" screen. This really made a hit with me having a HDMI In & Out. Connecting the PS3 was a dream. This is where HP have let themselves down. A slot loading drive on the RT1SU would have been nice, but being Blu-Ray made up for it. Although I feel the TouchSmart is a little more attractive, the RT1SU is still the king in All-In-One's in my opinion. TR should get their hands on one asap!

Having said all that though, Sony's build quality is slipping. Had to send back because of a faulty fan of all things!


January 8, 2009, 3:35 pm

@ Eggburt1969: Yes, that's correct: phono/cinch. Thanks for pointing that out, sorry for the confusion.

@ HSC: IF I'd consider getting an all-in-one, it would be the main deciding factor for me too. But as Craig Turner mentions, there are some AIOs that do offer both.

@ Craig Turner: We got the RT1SU's lower-end sibling in recently, review coming soon. And yes, any Full HD screen (integrated or not) that doesn't allow you to plug in a PS3/X360 deserves to fry.

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