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HP Photosmart Wireless B110a review



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HP Photosmart Wireless B110a
  • HP Photosmart Wireless B110a
  • HP Photosmart Wireless B110a
  • HP Photosmart Wireless B110a
  • HP Photosmart Wireless B110a
  • HP Photosmart Wireless B110a
  • HP Photosmart Wireless B110a
  • Photosmart B110A Inkjet Multifunction Printer - Colour - Photo Print - Desktop (Printer, Copier, Scanner - 16 Second Photo - 4800 x 1200 dpi Print - Duplex Printing: Manual - 2500 pages per month Duty Cycle - 600 dpi Copy - 48-bit - Flatbed Scanner - 64)


Our Score:



  • Cheap prints
  • Fair price
  • Easy to use buttons


  • No cabled network socket
  • Long-winded installation
  • Limited apps

Key Features

  • 2.4in LCD display
  • Wireless network connection up to 802.11n
  • Matt black case
  • Illuminated touch buttons
  • 64MB memory
  • Manufacturer: HP
  • Review Price: £57.83

This is the first of a new wave of HP inkjet printers that are Internet-connected out-of-the-box (assuming you have a broadband link, of course). The advantages, say HP, are that you can print from anywhere, simply by sending an email to your printer.

The Photosmart Wireless B110a, not to be confused with the Photosmart Wireless B109n, a similarly named but older model without Internet connection, is a surprisingly low-end, ink-jet all-in-one to be the first to have the email connection treatment.

Its matt black case, with glossy lid punctuated with a hexagonal motif, is a conventional HP design. The input tray folds down from the front panel and can take plain or photo paper, though not at the same time. An output support with flip-up paper stop swings out from the front lip of the tray, giving a simple, but slightly ungainly, paper handling system.

The control panel is unusual as the 2.4in LCD display is surrounded by six, illuminated touch buttons, in what HP calls a Touch Frame. These are sensitive and easy to use, though the left and right arrow buttons are also used for moving up and down menus, which is confusing.

Although the printer has a wireless network connection, unusually up to 802.11n speeds, there's no cabled network socket at the back, just USB. So to hook it up to the Internet, you need to have a wireless network running.

Our out-of-box experience wasn’t great. It took quarter of an hour to remove the glue the advertising label left on the lid and the machine then claimed the 364XL cartridges supplied with our review sample (and mentioned on the box as suitable consumables) were incompatible. HP tech support sorted it by providing an arcane sequence of touch key presses to reset the machine.

Software installation is boringly long-winded and the wireless setup includes having to enter the IP address of the Photosmart into the software – something we’ve never had to do before. Still, installation only happens once.

As with Lexmark’s SmartSolutions, HP’s apps have to be selected and downloaded from a dedicated site via a computer. If the idea is to make the printer more of a standalone device, the site really ought to be accessible directly from the Photosmart’s control panel.

It's early days yet, but there were only six apps available on the HP site for this printer, including ones from Disney, DreamWorks and Yahoo. Most involve printouts for youngsters, such as join the dots puzzles, but with HP 's industry clout, we imagine the selection will grow quickly.

Brian Carter

August 17, 2010, 1:22 pm

Good review (as per usual). I would expect this type of printer is more likely to become commonplace if the iPad printer restrictions become commonplace on all tablets. I realise that most tablets are currently advertising that they can print but it seems a fairly easy way of avoiding a lot of setup if you can just forward a document to an email address rather than having to worry about installing drivers/finding the wireless printer etc. A bit overkill/lazy but could be the simplest solution for a lot of people.


August 17, 2010, 4:57 pm

I've just bought the HP Photo-smart c4780, a 3 in 1 that looks very similar to this. Given its cost of £59, I have no complaints over print quality, I even got standard black and colour ink cartridge included. Photo prints on HP premium plus photo paper are excellent, although I think I'd rather just have my pics printed elsewhere for cheaper. Anyway, give the aforementioned difference in price what the hell is the difference


January 26, 2011, 6:47 pm

I have just gotton one from the UK, the 4 inks in XL cost double the machine, however to buy the same ink from your local store will cost �. Putting a USB plug in the back is frequently not engaged properly and you get incomplete pages even though all appears OK. Just push the plug in further. Me I only wanted a connected printer and its very good.

My only niggle is the thing has 1/ a battery that needs to be changed by it says a technician, and 2/ the info chips in the inks! I think these will get turned off!


May 31, 2012, 2:57 am

Wow ! What a load of absolute rubbish the HP B110a All-in-One is. When I switch it on, it has to go through the motions of performing a little dance in which it grumbles, grunts and shakes from side to side for about 30 seconds. Then it is ready to print pictures much darker than the file that the computer sends it The help section of HP website is overawed with its own comprehensiveness but doesn`t quite address the basics of using the machine. When it scans it does this fairly quickly and the colour rendition is very accurate, but ask it to print a photograph and it does its little dance again as a preliminary to making a right mess of things. In the 16 months that I have had this infernal machine, the frustration has been building as I can find no help from HP, with which to correct this fault. I have to transfer my pictures to a usb drive and take it to my local supermarket to get my pictures printed. Unless you have the patience of a saint or are a practicing masochist, stay well clear of the HP B110a.


April 14, 2013, 4:43 pm

absolutely bad product. Please avoid given HP's reputation for customer service. Cartridges cost twice the printer. I have frequent and recurring issues printing wirelessly and the printer consumes cartridge like a thirsty camel after a desert safari. It costs me $ 0.5 to print a page ! Really regret having bought this white elephant. Add to that the fact that I was cheated by the retailer on the AMC - the AMC I bought only is off-site (which I was not notified of) and it means having to lug my computer 30 miles just to get it examined. Highly recommend that you stay away from this product, especially if you are in India. Service is poor, running costs are expensive and products does not deliver what is expected out of it ! 2/10 only because it still can scan and copy. Printing is a 0/10 experience.


February 1, 2014, 8:08 am

Please do not waist your time and money buying this product. Absolute waist. I am an IT pro but the amount of time I have spent troubling shooting this printer is ridiculous. Most of the issues I experience lies with the HP Windows software, endless issues on several different PC's and Win 7/Win8. Far less issues using iOS and Linux's own printing software, which is very surprising as HP is a predominately Microsoft orientated company. Most of the issues are around Win detecting the printer wirelessly but HP software unable to detect the printer. A printer with such poor wireless performance should really have the option for a network cable connection.

Bullitt Bill

October 12, 2014, 11:43 am

Really rubbish IMO will cost you a fortune in ink I just installed a full set of Genuine HP ink cartridges after the initial set up & head alinement's it says the ink is low.
What a pile of rubbish & is only fit for the landfill as i would not wish it on my worst

Manish Newly

April 8, 2016, 12:43 pm

Will Wireless is compatible for mac OS ???

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