HP Officejet Pro 8500 Wireless Inkjet Printer Deals

By Simon Williams



October 6, 2009, 3:36 am

Hi, I am just wondering - why HP's officejet 6500 wifi gets 9/10 (and is recommended) and this one just 7/10? You said OJ6500 is fast (print speed rating 8/10). Well, 8500 is faster (according to you). But in this case - print speed rating is 6/10.

Page yields are higher on OJ 8500, cos per page lower as in the case of 6500.

So why exactly gets OJ 6500 better rating then OJ 8500?

Business User

December 9, 2009, 1:46 am

We had a Canon PIXMA 860 (read next para if you want to hear our luck with the 8500) , bought in Feb this year, it lasted until a tiny piece of paper got stuck in the ADF. The error message prevented any other function to work. It was an 'improved' version of the PIXMA 780, but really it had been tarted up to introduce a new type of smaller cartridges with (naff) flashing lights. No doubt the marketing department figured that people who bought the 780 for its low running cost would buy the 860 for the same reason without checking. And then they 'improved' the paper feeding as well, so that the bottom tray could not be used independently. In any case, we were fed up with Canon and went back to HP. I read in some reviews that the paper feeder didn't work frequently. I imagined that this was just a few snarky people, because HP wouldn't let a 300 pound machine pass with a rubbish paper feeder. Guess what. If you enjoy pushing a ream of paper through a printer with your index finger, do buy this machine. Also, the crank up time is laughable. And, then, the software isn't even robust enough to cope with switching off at the power point. It throws a fit, and Marry Poppins turns up on the display screen to tell you not to use anything but the off on button, which has the disconcerting result that you see a rather odd multi coloured graphic for a while that makes you wonder if the whole machine has packed up after its 'ordeal'. Printers are still made to confound buyers with their silly acronyms. Tell you what though, for a simple hard working b/w laser printer get a scx 4725fn or whatever the current model is; very simple and fast. I wish for a review site that really does give a proper guide to computer ware...


February 27, 2010, 12:05 am

The worst printer I have ever bought. I've not even managed to print a page yet.

It won't connect to a secure WiFi. It jams on every piece of paper, weather document feeder or tray. When connected over a Wifi, the software won't install because it thinks a firewall is in the way (it's not and every other device on the network communicates fine. It keeps going to power save mode to quickly and when you press the power button it says you shouldn't unplug it. When you are in the middle of typing your wireless network key in, it decided it needs to clean the print heads and goes of a mission for 20 minutes. Startup times are ridiculous. I would gladly take an axe to the machine but I don't want to through my money away. I'm going back to the shop ASAP.


March 4, 2010, 4:49 am

i work on hp products all the time and many other manufacturers printers. The exact same desighn in the 8000,8500 is in the plotter ranges too just bigger. I deal with a large printing company that uses hp plotters and they have said that they cannot get the same superior quality on colour output with any of the other manufacturers printing machines and that includes durst.

You will find that these printers may sometimes take a while before they start printing due to cleaning cycles this is so you get optimum print quality all the time, how many inkjets have you had to throw the printhead/inkcartridge away due to ink drying up through no use??? If these printers are left on standby they will clean themselves periodically to maintain the heads.

If people have issues with aspects of a printer first thing to check is the media you are using, if in doubt use the hp media. Also check manufacturers website for firmware updates as problems you have may already have been resolved. i.e wireless issues and so forth.

20 mins for a clean is nothing the z3200 plotter which is used in staples, can take upto 45min to prepare the ink system. But whats the rush when the quality is second to non.


March 28, 2010, 11:24 pm

utter utter rubbish. Took it back twice to get new ones then eventually gave up and bought a brother instead. There is a known fault which HP are awrae of where the paper does not suck up correctly into the device. Advice from HP is to either put a stone in the paper tray, or only load 20 sheets at a time. not acceptable. Last HP I ever buy.


January 15, 2013, 2:41 pm

Most unreliable printer I've ever had.

The process of cleaning printhead takes forever, it ocassionally jams paper and you have to feed it manually at times, and sometimes it doesn't print at all and says you need to restart.

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