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HP Deskjet 1000 - Performance and Verdict

By Simon Williams



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HP Deskjet 1000


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HP makes fairly modest claims for the performance of the Deskjet 1000, claiming 5.5ppm for black print and 4ppm for colour. These ratings rise to 16ppm and 12ppm when printing in draft mode. In our tests, the five-page black text document took 53s to run, which is a speed of 5.7ppm, actually faster than the rated speed. On the longer, 20-page test, the speed rose to 6.5ppm.

In draft mode, though, the speed was only 7.7ppm, less than half the claimed speed and in normal mode, printing black text and colour graphics, it was 2.4ppm, just 60 per cent of the rating. Finally, a 15 x 10cm photo on glossy paper took 1min 35secs in highest print quality.

Print quality, given this is a £30 printer, is pretty reasonable. Black text is slightly marred by a little flow of ink along the paper fibres, which gives it a slightly fuzzy appearance, but for general use, it’s quite readable. Interestingly, draft mode text is, if anything, slightly cleaner, and we’d be quite happy printing black text in draft all the time.

Colour graphics are slightly dithered, but again quite usable for day-to-day documentation at home. Colours are a little pale in comparison to more expensive printers, but still acceptable. Photo prints are also good, though in our test samples they showed scuff marks from the feed rollers.

Noise levels from the Deskjet 1000 are a little higher than normal, though as is usual with inkjet printers, it's mainly from peaks when new sheets are being fed.

The black and tri-colour ink cartridges are available in two capacities, though neither offer particularly high yields. Using the XL cartridges and the best prices we could find, gives costs per page of 4.6p for ISO black pages and 10p for ISO colour.

The colour cost is lower than from many more expensive rivals, even the Photosmart eStation. The black print cost, though, is higher than virtually all inkjets we’ve tested recently, except the Advent machines, which have a black print cost of over 6p per page.


Although the black print cost is quite high and the Deskjet 1000 can be a bit noisy, it’s still amazingly good value for £30. It prints text and graphics adequately and reasonably quickly, particularly if you switch to the surprisingly high-quality draft mode. If money is tight, or you’re buying a second printer, perhaps for your children to use for school work, this is a very good choice.

Critical Friend

January 17, 2011, 5:32 am

This printer is the pinnacle of the madness of the printer market. So, you can buy the printer for £29.97 (Inc VAT) including the cartridges. The same cartridges on their own set you back about £22. And a pair of high yield cartridges is more expensive than the printer!

When you test budget printers of this sort where the printer without the cartridges is valued at £8, can't you provide the reader with info regarding non-proprietary ink supplies and possibly even test the combination? The value of the printer may be 10/10 as you say but only if you stay away from repeatedly buying the manufacturer's overpriced ink.

Martin Daler

January 17, 2011, 2:01 pm

I was a great sceptic about 'compatible' cartridges and swallowed all the dire warnings. However out of economic necessity I gave them a go, and the sky did not fall in. The printer nozzles have not clogged up, the print quality is indistinguishable, at least for non-photographic purposes. And to be honest, even photos come out A-OK. Unless you are a semi-pro photog, all tricked out with the full colour calibration kit and a hyper-critical eye etc, then I doubt you are going to notice any difference, other than cost.


August 15, 2012, 1:51 pm

Ridiculously cheap to buy and ridiculously expensive to run .. 5 out of 10


October 20, 2013, 10:56 am

so true....any alternative ??....i have already bought it....and suffering now.

Todd Perry

December 2, 2014, 11:12 pm

This is the worst printer HP has ever made. I do not recommend this printer for anyone.
Terrible craftsmanship, sub-par parts, terrible ink cartridges that fail every time you turn around for this model.
I have went through 3 of these in the last 1 and a half years and I do not print that much.
Get another printer and do NOT waste your money on this junk unless you like to own a large paper weight.

My Printer Ink

June 11, 2015, 9:58 am

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My Printer Ink

June 11, 2015, 9:59 am

Replaced with guarantee remanufactured ink cartridges which will save at least 60% and the XL cartridge page per cost is 5.8 for colour 301XL cartridge.

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