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By Stuart Andrews



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Meanwhile, the Indigo Wolves terrorist group is possibly the campest bunch of terrorists in town. With their preference for tight vests and camouflage trousers they resemble nothing more than an all-male dance troupe gone bad. As no real motivation is given, I can only imagine that they're upset about the reviews of Kylie's last album, or maybe times are just hard now that Britney Spears isn't in a state to tour. The Wolves' leaders are even more preposterous, with one - the superbly monikered Alex Havoc - having possibly the silliest drawn-out death cry in recent video game history. I can't say whether it's intentional or not, but Ghost Squad is indisputably hilarious.

Indeed, the actual light-gun gameplay is just about right for the Wii's more casual gaming audience. Just about anyone can pick up and start shooting, jabbing the + button every now and then to trigger a continue, then carrying on with the action. There's a little too much going on with four players, but with just two it's an entertaining afternoon's worth of brain-dead blasting.

Still, much as I love Ghost Squad - and I do - I'm still going to have to slap a six score on it, for the simple reason that there's just not enough game here to justify the £25 outlay. Yes, the branching, the unlockables, the high-scores and online leaderboards add replay value, but would I suggest that anyone pays £25 for a game you can hack through in less than thirty minutes, with one level taking less than five? Not on your nelly. I'd tell them that if they wanted a half-decent light gun game they should opt for Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles instead. I would, however, be pleased to suggest that they rent it, because with a mate or two to play with Ghost Squad really is a ball.


Good dumb fun, with plenty of possibly unintentional hilarity. That said, you'd have to be barking to actually buy it.

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