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Fujifilm HS20 EXR - Sample Images: ISO Performance

Fuji HS20 iso 100
ISO 100 images are noise free but do lack sharpness

Fuji HS20 iso 200
At ISO 200 the gain in noise is barely perceptible

Fuji HS20 iso 400
By ISO 400 however, noise is beginning to creep in

Fuji HS20 iso 800
And by ISO 800 noise has begun to visibly soften the image

Fuji HS20 iso 1600
ISO 1600 results in visible noise and image softness

Fuji HS20 iso 3200
ISO 3200 is for emergency use only really

Fuji HS20 iso 800 SN
Using the Signal to Noise EXR shooting mode at ISO 800 produces a smaller image overall but does reduce the effects of noise

Fuji HS20 iso 1600 SN
This image was taken using the Signal to Noise EXR shooting mode at ISO 1600

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