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By Cliff Smith



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When it comes to overall performance the Z30 is going to need to practice a bit more if it wants to make it to the 2012 Olympics. It starts up quickly enough, in approximately two seconds, and shuts down again almost instantly as soon as the cover is closed. In single-shot mode its shot-to-shot cycle time is a little over three seconds, which is a bit on the slow side, and it's no faster in continuous shooting mode.

The autofocus system is a bit slow, and I did find that it wasn't always entirely accurate, beeping to confirm focus on several shots which later turned out to be blurred. It copes fairly well in low light despite the lack of an AF assist lamp.

I suppose that the sort of consumer who's going to choose a Z30 probably doesn't care too deeply about image quality, but even so I found that the Z30 has a number of significant problems. I've already mentioned the unreliable autofocus, but other issues include very poor automatic white balance, which tends to put a distinct cyan cast over daylight shots, and very mediocre lens performance. Wide-angle images don't show any barrel distortion or chromatic aberration, although this is due mainly to image processing rather than optical quality. The corner sharpness is very poor, and centre sharpness isn't far behind it.

Dynamic range is very limited, and in high-contrast situations the camera tends to expose for the highlights, resulting in very dark featureless shadows. Colour rendition in standard mode is over-saturated, especially red tones which come out far too bright, and the high-saturation "Chrome" mode looks positively psychedelic. Image noise is also a problem, with significant noise at 200 ISO, getting progressively worse up to the maximum 1600 ISO.


The Fujifilm FinePix Z30 is a fun little camera designed to be more a fashion accessory than a photographic tool. Overall build quality is good, but the fiddly controls and slippery shape make it hard to use, and the mediocre performance and poor image quality are also disadvantages. There are better cameras available for the same price.


July 4, 2009, 11:38 am

I purchased this camera for one reason only the auction function. I have read Cliff Smiths review and the buttons may be a bit fiddly for a man but for a woman or teanager they would not be. I am also concerned that he has a bit of a duff camera as i have not experianced any of the problems he has, my z30 takes pictures as soon as the shutter is open, with no delay at all but a quick card in the camera when it was using it's own memory on the camera there was a slight delay. I did used to teach photography so i have a professional cameras as well but this z30 does actually beat my small cannon ixus that i used to keep in my hand bag for every day, moments on macro etc. The auction mode of this camera and its sister model the waterproof z33 also has this allows you to take 1 to 3 photos (or 1 to 5) etc and arrange them onto one photo . The main plus of this is the photo uploads quick onto the auction site and you only get charged for one photo. I found the macro alot sharper than my cannon ixus that was 3 times the price. The camera it self feels very good in my hands which is a good plus. I found the other reivew a little bit harsh, bright coloured camera are in at the moment what ever your age, and most features are mundain, as they are on most cameras now, but this auction mode and the price for the camera , i am very pleased with it will never ever match my professiona cameras but it saves me alot of money listing items on a famous auction site.


August 19, 2009, 2:58 am

This has to be the worst review ever. If I had read it before buying the Z30 I wouldn't know what a GREAT little camera this is!

It is as light as the best Canon Ixus and as small. Really cool looking. 2 secs to start up and take pic which is fast.

The reviewer says it doesn't have many features but that's cos he didn't actually bother to find out. It has face recognition and can take out facial blemishes, it has anti-shake, auto anti-red-eye, an auto mode that recognises the conditions and will set accordinging, i.e, backlight portrait, portrait, action mode, etc and about 12 other decent features.

It takes really good pics. The user menu is fantastic and simple to understand. The buttons are easy to use and look splash-proof (not tested).

The Z30 can accept High Capacity SD cards and has it's own battery which plugs into a charger (takes 40 mins from no charge to full). It has a very good screen and best of all, is a true pocket digital camera (with no sharp edges to snag in your pocket).

This camera is going to be a best-seller.

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