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By Cliff Smith



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Fujifilm FinePix S100FS


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The LCD monitor is larger than that of the S9600, 2.5 inches diagonally with 230,000 dots. Like the previous model it is articulated, capable of tilting 45 degrees down or 90 degrees up. As monitor screens go it's pretty nice, with good contrast, a fast refresh rate and bright enough for daylight use in most situations. It is also slightly recessed, which helps to avoid scratches and finger marks.

The electronic viewfinder is a bit of an oddity. It has a resolution of 200,000 dots, but it is of an unusual type, called a "field sequential drive" display, whereby each dot displays red, green and blue colours channels in a rapid cycle, in theory producing a much sharper image. It works very well, producing an exceptionally sharp display as long as the camera is perfectly still, but if you move the camera at all it produces psychedelic multi-coloured after-images which are a bit disconcerting, especially on panning action shots.

The FS in the S100FS's name stands for Film Simulation, which is one of the camera's new features. This mode is at the top of the menu, and provides a selection of four pre-sets that are supposed to simulate the appearance of specific types of film, including Fuji Provia general-purpose filme (the default setting), the high-saturation Fuji Velvia favoured by landscape photographers, as well as portrait and soft settings. In practice this mode is a bit of a gimmick, since even at its highest setting the S100FS can't match the dynamic range or colour depth of actual film, especially Fuji Velvia. That's not to say that the film modes are useless; they do produce noticeable and useful effects, but if you want to use film you shouldn't have bought a digital camera.

Another new feature which is rather more useful is the enhanced dynamic range mode, which boosts shadow and highlight detail, traditionally weak points for digital sensors. Fuji's HR sensor already has very good dynamic range characteristics, so this mode should give it a big advantage. In practice the effect is actually fairly subtle, but it does work and produces good results in high-contrast situations.

It's also worth mentioning the pop-up flash, which is on an exceptionally long armature, lifting it well above the lens to reduce the effects of red-eye. It is also exceptionally powerful for such a small unit, with a range of 7.2m. The S100FS also has a hot shoe for connecting an external flash, and even an X-sync socket for connection to a studio flash system.


July 8, 2008, 11:44 pm

I purchased the S100fs in early May, 2008. To say I am impressed is an understatement. If you would like to see - straight out of the camera images, have a look at : http://www.pixplanet.biz/Po...

Ian Porter

October 6, 2008, 4:31 am

Very nice pictures Dave, they certainly look very impressive to me and are much better than Cliffs for evaluation. I really don't know why Cliff uses those model cars at all. I agree with Cliff though that this camera seems overpriced, I couldn't bring myself to pay over 𧷸 for it when I could buy a DSLR. I'll keep waiting for something radical to happen before giving up on my Fuji S7000 and Canon A560. Cheers, Ian

Shapour Va

October 22, 2008, 4:16 pm

I usually check all sites before purchasing in order not to be sorry after purchasing!By reading almost more than ten reviews I came to conclusion that this camera is realy a sophesticated great job of technology especially by implementing as the Fujifilm's Super CCD 's

In order to be more acquaited with the photos taken with this camera please have look at the galery of http://www.pbase.com/camera....

I was really satisfied, what about you?

Shapour Vaezi Tehran Iran

Ian Dalgliesh

October 31, 2008, 4:33 am

I've just purchased an S100fs from Fuji's own website.It's Refurbished and on sale at 𧷷.99,less 10%,via myfuji,of which I an a member(membership free).I'll keep you posted as to how the pics turn out.

Tom Paul

October 31, 2008, 4:33 pm

Agree with Cliff - a brilliant camera but a touch expensive. BUT, Ian Dalgliesh is spot on - I too have just bought a "refurbished" one from Fuji UK" for under 𧷚 and at this price it makes much more sense. Simply cannot tell it from new, it's absolutely perfect and unmarked, and suspect it might be Fuji moving on stock while trying to avoid upsetting its retailers. This was at 10% off (use code P24OCTOBER) which expires 2nd November so you'll have to be quick!

Tim Mason

December 1, 2008, 8:24 pm

I actually bought a Sony a350 and was so dissapointed with the images I was getting, I took it back to the (indipendant) camera shop. Even with the Zeiss lense, it wasn't much better. The assistant suggested the s100fs and I have found it to be excellent. The only niggle is the maximum 'bulb' exposure of 30 seconds which is a bit limiting for night / movement photographs.

Michael Wildeman

January 3, 2009, 6:31 pm

can you explain how you got the 10% discount from Fuji guys? I have joined myfuji and can find no sort of discount scheme... cheers


Ian Dalgliesh

April 3, 2009, 1:16 am

Update:2/4/09:Look up homepage of www.fujifilm.co.uk.,there see photos on front page.The golden river with two swans is mine,taken with S100fs.


September 14, 2009, 11:00 pm

I currently have a lumix fz 28 and am already looking for an upgrade. I do mountain climbing and love landscape and wildlife photography. The thing is that I don't find myself ready (or wealthy enough) to upgrade to a dslr with a such a great zoom. The reason for the upgrade is that even though fz 28 is a great camera and has received great scores on the net, it somehow does not really satisfy me, especially when it comes to night photography.

I can get a Fujifilm FinePix S100FS for about 480$ here in Iran And could also get the new lumix fz38 for the same price (panasonic cameras cost a lot over here, don't know why). Which one do you guys think (especially those who have had this camera) would serve me better? would you call switching from fz 28 to s100 even an upgrade in image quality? note that I can get rid of my fz 28 for a good price (around 350$).

I would appreciate your help.


May 31, 2012, 9:16 pm

Still considered a great bridge camera? looking to buy a used one for £150 as this is my budget and new bridges for this price dont seem to come close.

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