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Fujifilm FinePix S1000fd - Fujifilm FinePix S1000fd

By Cliff Smith



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Unfortunately the camera's performance is also rather lacklustre. It starts up quickly enough in a little under two seconds, but it's all downhill from there. In single-shot mode it can only manage a shot every three seconds, which is very slow by recent standards. In long-period continuous mode it can shoot at well over a frame a second, but it doesn't focus or change exposure between shots, making it useless for moving subjects or changeable light conditions. The various extra continuous modes are faster but limit picture size, 5MP for top 6 and a puny 2MP for top 15. It's hard to say why it should be so slow, because the autofocus system is actually very quick, even at long telephoto settings. It does hunt around a bit in low light, but not as much as some competitors.

In fact its low-light ability is one of the S1000fd's few real strengths. The fast f/2.8 maximum aperture gives it a significant advantage over many other long-zoom cameras, and it does have surprisingly good high-ISO performance, producing good quality images at 800 ISO. I say surprising, because the S1000fd uses a conventional CCD sensor rather than Fuji's more advanced SuperCCD technology. Unfortunately other aspects of image quality are not so good. Dynamic range is distinctly limited, and colours are massively over-saturated even in standard colour mode, particularly reds. The lens also has its good and bad points. While it has very good corner-to-corner sharpness, it does produce quite noticeable barrel distortion at wide angle and some pincushion distortion at the telephoto end. At least Fuji's traditional enemy, the dreaded purple fringes, and mercifully absent.


While the Fujifilm FinePix S1000fd is an appealingly cute little camera with a huge zoom range for its size, and is relatively simple to use, it lacks a number of important features, most notably image stabilisation. Performance is mediocre at best, and while it performs well in low light it is lacking in final image quality. Whether you're looking for a small cheap zoom camera or a well-specified super-zoom there are better alternatives on the market, several of them other Fujifilm models.


April 25, 2009, 6:36 pm

i purchased this little camera on a shopping outing.i had not read the reviews and now realize its a fairly new basic model. ive carried out varying tests and have to say the I.S is not really a problem .. but that damn focus is. ive been trying out the video feature. this would be handy as shooting direct to a SD card could be usefull. at the wide setting the focus isnt anything to worry about .. but when you zoom out things get tricky. in STILL mode its just the same.

the Q of the images are very good. ive tried a few digital cameras .. my previous is a olympus C700uz which was just amazing when it was 1st launched. theres no comparison even to the newer 5mpix phone cameras. { i have a Samsung G600 5mpix } .. the 2.1mpix C700 can still hold its ground .. { and you can lock the focus} although its getting on a bit now.

but its still slow even for a 2.1mpix camera. i bought a Pentax k100d on the strength of reviews .. and its very good .. but generally bulky! changing lenses is a pain.

this is what i like about the Ultra Zooms. they require less fuss { with lenses }.. and give adequate results for the weekend snapper. you can see a few of my humble photos here.

http://www.flickr.com/photo... plus they can be a lot smaller.

i will probably keep looking for a simular UZ camera but with the focus lock. i think the s1000fd is a brilliant little camera. ive moved the Olympus and Pentax into the cupboard .. although this Fuji wont replace the Pentax completely. with the movie mode it may even replace my Hitachi dvd camcorder.

Time exposures also work well .. with sufficient lighting and tripod. it lacks a filter thread and manual focus .. but makes up in portability.

John 36

June 24, 2009, 10:38 pm

I purchased my FinePix S1000fd 3 weeks ago and I am finding the results very impressive, so far I have not had one dud shot. If I were to be totally honest, the only aspect of the camera that I can find criticism with is the over saturation of some of the images that I have taken but of course, this can be corrected in most graphics editors to a smoe degree.

On the whole, I would recommed this camera to anyone looking for a neat compact camera. It caters for all aspects of photography at a very good price.


May 28, 2010, 3:19 am

This would make a nice camera, were it not for the fact that it breaks easily and the warranty sucks. This is the second and last time I'll ever buy a Fujifilm product again.

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