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By James Morris



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Despite its reduced size, the Mino still incorporates Pure Digital's reasonably featured software. This loads from the device itself. Just plug in the USB port, and the app starts up automatically via autorun, then loads the required video codec if nothing compatible is detected. The app has quite a few features, considering its device-resident running. The headline act is of course the ability to upload directly from the device to AOL Video, YouTube and myspacetv.com.

But you can also share video via email or as a greeting card, although in both cases the video is actually uploaded to the web and delivered from there. The key feature in the Flip's software is its editing ability. You can trim the in and out points of your clips, and then combine clips together using the Muvee automated editing system. This provides six different style options, plus musical backgrounds, creating a quick edit for you. Kodak's Zi6 offers editing too, but this portion of the software must be loaded from CD.


It's no surprise that the Mino is being marketed alongside the Ultra, rather than as its replacement. Where it gains on style and pocket friendliness, it loses in holiday practicality thanks to the use of a rechargeable battery. So which of the two appeals to you depends on whether you fancy a pocket camera to take out on day events - in which case the Mino should be your choice - or for longer stints - where the Ultra will be better suited. Either way, the results will be surprisingly good in all reasonable lighting conditions, so long as you are primarily focused on sharing your video online.

Rok Krznar

October 25, 2008, 6:53 pm

"The 1.5in TFT is the same, too, offering 528 x 132 pixels."

Surely you meant 128x132 or something in that range.

Just my 10 pence.

Geoff Richards

October 25, 2008, 7:46 pm

Hi Rob,

The full specs are here: http://www.theflip.com/stor...

That says "528 x 132 pixels" but I agree with you that it's a curious claim. I recall that sometimes (don't ask me why) but TFT resolution width is counted via the sub-pixel and thus are 3x their true value. That would give us 176 x 132 in this case, which makes far more sense - it's a 4:3 ratio afterall.

James Morris

October 25, 2008, 9:03 pm

Yes, the review simply quotes the specs stated by Flip - not something you can test without a good microscope and a lot of patience, after all!

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