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Evesham Voyager C720DC - Evesham Voyager C720DC

By Benny Har-Even



Our Score:


The SYSmark 2002 score is pretty much what we’d expect for the specification, if not slightly higher, and is one of the highest we’ve seen - great new for both work and play.

In games we see the mobile 7900 GTX giving a small but worthwhile boost in games over the Go 7800 GTX. Wherever possible you’re going to want to run games at the native resolution with FSAA and AF enabled.

In Quake 4 the 7900 GTX means this almost hits the sweet spot of 60fps, up from 52.8 fps for the 7800 GTX. The more demanding Call of Duty 2 you’ll still struggle to play at native res, with 1,280 x 720 being a more likely resolution.

Again at the native resolution, the Source engine seems more demanding on the hardware but the 40.5 fps is that bit more playable than the 34.4 fps the previous top-end mobile nVidia part achieved.

The fact is that in fact, with a screen of this resolution mobile SLI would be welcome here. Ironically the SLI notebook we did see, from AJP, only had a screen resolution of 1,680 x 1,050. In truth this resolution might be the better option to go for with a single mobile GPU in terms of achieving consistently high frame rates and it will save you 100 quid at the same time. However, you’ll lose out if the laptop display will be your main screen for working on.

If you’ve bought one of these with a Go 7800 GTX or even a Mobility Radeon X1800 XT there’s no need to cry into your milk as the performance increase isn’t enormous but the increase is there and it’s consist.

Another bonus of this system is that Windows Media Center 2005 is supplied which is great. You have to specify a PC Card TV Tuner and remote as extras but if you have a use for it, it’s a must.


All in all the Voyager C720DC is another solid notebook from Evesham. It’s not the best looking machine in the world, but the ergonomics are good, the specification is impressive and the performance is there. It’s certainly a better value machine that the one we looked at from Evesham in January that used the same chassis. Amazing what a few months in the IT world can give you.

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