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By Simon Williams



Our Score:


The driver, utilities and status monitor installed without problem from the supplied CD and the printer installed under USB quickly and simply. The driver includes options for multi-page sheets, watermarks and manual duplexing, though not for over-printing.

This is definitely a printer aimed at the digital photography market, so we wouldn't expect a five page text test to print particularly quickly. However, the time of two minutes 21 seconds is pretty poor, averaging not much more than two pages per minute. It's some way off the 15ppm draft mode speed quoted by Epson.

Print quality is excellent. The R300 produces strong black text and vibrant, dense colour graphics, but it really comes into its own on photographs, as you might expect. Here colours are natural and smooth, with graduated areas particularly clean.

During our ink yield tests, we repeatedly saw a ‘Paper is not set correctly’ error, which is one step off a paper jam and a fault of the paper feed, which failed to pick up sheets of our standard Staples copier stock. This error was frequent enough to prevent us leaving the printer to complete a job while we got on with other work and although it's perhaps unlikely you would leave a photo printer to print large jobs, it is irritating when you can't rely on its paper pick-up.

The main printing cost, as with all photo printers, is not the ink but the paper. With Epson Premium Glossy Photo paper still costing around 40p for an A4 sheet (the cheapest we could find) the overall cost comes out at 52.4p for a 30 per cent colour page. Note that’s 30 per cent, rather than 20 per cent, because of the six-colour printing system. A five per cent black text page comes out at around 2.4p. Both figures are reasonable for a printer in this category.


This is a commendable photo printer for the money, which produces very high quality prints on a variety of media. However, there’s a query over its ability to feed plain paper consistently, and don’t be tempted to rush out a text document on it – the text speed is low. If you go for one of these, it's worth paying the extra for the colour LCD screen at purchase, rather than upgrading later.

Andy Pac

August 31, 2010, 3:59 pm

I have to say the Epson R300 is one of the worst pieces of garbage I've ever had the misfortune of using. I'm using this primarily as a DVD printer and I am disgusted by this excuse of a machine.Not only does it not recognise any of your information (i.e. jpg number) but the screen shows only No1, No2, No3, etc. when ideally you really would like some kind of recognition. Not only that, but unless you remove every image, throw it to trash and then empty the trash bin, you'll not see any images in the folder (for the memory card) but they will print in order of which was put on there first. Honestly, it shows your one and only photo yet hidden in the background are the previous images you've had to print in black & white because the colour is so disgracefully bad. Personally I would avoid this piece of kit like the plague. By the way, I'm using Verbatim discs to print to. If anyone can tell me different I'd love to know if I'm doing anything wrong. Oh, and I did try using the useless software that comes with the printer but that is also a heap of junk and the colour prints just as badly.

Mick Paul

September 18, 2014, 7:47 pm

I have actually found the R300 to be quite a sturdy little workhorse, I don't bother with the card slots, I just print directly off the computer. I have owned at least 3 of these units over the last 10 years, as with most printers the ink is worth more than the printer so I think it's best to stick with the same model, that way you don't throw the ink away when the printer gives in.

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