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Elonex LNX Cube Multimedia System
  • Elonex LNX Cube Multimedia System
  • Elonex LNX Cube Multimedia System
  • Elonex LNX Cube Multimedia System
  • Elonex LNX Cube Multimedia System
  • Elonex LNX Cube Multimedia System
  • Elonex LNX Cube Multimedia System
  • Elonex LNX Cube Multimedia System


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You may be surprised to see the name Elonex at the top of this page, since the former PC giant went into administration around 18 months ago, and shortly after closed its doors, seemingly for the last time. But now the Elonex brand has been reborn with new management, new premises and some new products. In its favour, the new company managed to convince the original Elonex R&D guru, Demetre Cheras, to join the team, so you can be sure that a host of innovative product designs will be hitting the market over the coming months.

First off the new Elonex production line is the LNX (see what they've done there?) Cube. You'd be forgiven for thinking that the LNX Cube is just a budget stereo system, but this is Elonex, a company that traditionally excelled at squeezing more functionality than you ever thought possible into one box. Yes, this is a small stereo system with CD and radio playback, but that's just scratching the surface of what the LNX Cube can do.

The LNX Cube isn't going to win any style competitions - it wears its heart on its sleeve, and looks every bit the cheap Chinese function over form product that it is. That's not to say that it's offensive though - the de facto black and silver finish works well, while the ubiquitous blue light tries to ape more expensive designer brands. Where the design takes a major departure from pretty much every other budget stereo system is the 7in colour widescreen TFT display mounted into the fascia.

You may be thinking that a full colour 7in TFT display is overkill for a budget stereo system, and you'd be right, if this was a budget stereo system. You see the LNX Cube isn't just about audio, it also has both analogue and digital TV tuners built into it. Oh, and that CD player I mentioned is actually a DVD player, so you can watch your movies and TV programmes directly on the built in screen.

As if that isn't enough, the LNX Cube also boasts a USB port - simply plug in a USB memory key or external hard disk and you can view digital photos on the screen. But far more impressive is the fact that you can also playback DivX and Xvid content direct from a USB storage device, making this a very versatile media player.


May 16, 2009, 4:15 pm

I agree with all of the above, except that i dtried hard disk connections. firstly it needs to be Fat32 format. NTSC just won't be read. I tried 3 disks, 750Gb, 500Gb, and 300Gb.

with the 750Gb which contained a large selection of mpegs, it got to about 98% read, then locks up. It did find the 300 odd films on (list number found), but does not get as far as showing the browser. by locking up I mean that only te Elonex screen is shown and no remote buttons work. Yoiu have to reboot to get it working again. the same thing happened with the 300Gb disk, whick only contained 20 mpegs. Leaving it for a while (assuming it takes time to read a large disk) results it it ressting by itself back to DVd source. with the 500Gb disk (2000+ MP3 files), it read the fist 1200, and reached 18% disk read before locking up in the same manner as the other disks. It would appear that there may be a limit to disk size or number of files found for a hard disk to be read. I posed this question with lonex support, and I am awaiting a reply. i will update this review when I have an answer.

On a lighter note, and something that is NOT mentioned in the manual, the DVD drive read all my mpeg DVDs (up to 5 films/disk), and played without a problem. Also, in addition to a "normal" mp3 cd, it also read my DVDs which contain a number of albums on each one.

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