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Six months ago we reviewed the EVGA X58 SLI motherboard, which combined a Core i7 X58 chipset with triple graphics card slots. That set-up isn't especially unusual on high end motherboards but using an Intel chipset broke new ground for EVGA as it has been a long term exclusive nVidia partner.

Since then EVGA has expanded its range of Core i7 motherboards starting with the E756 Micro ATX and moving up to the E757 X58 LE which is a Lite version of the E759 which in turn replaces the E758 X58 SLI we reviewed. The differences between the two models seem to be slight to non-existent. Next we have the E760 X58 SLI Classified and at the top of the tree you'll find the water cooled E769 Classified Hydro Copper with a list price of US $570.

Today we're reviewing the E760 X58 SLI Classified which is a Deluxe version of the X58 SLI. Where the E758/E759 has triple graphics slots you will find the E760 has four slots which means that the E760 supports Tri-SLI with the option of a fourth graphics card that is dedicated to PhysX.

It's worth pointing out that the X58 chipset isn't terribly sophisticated when it comes to PCI Express support so two graphics slots can each have 16 lanes of PCI Express 2.0 but three slots have a x16x8x8 configuration and four slots get eight lanes each.

The E760 has been given a cosmetic makeover and looks quite striking compared to the E758/E759. The most dramatic change is the colour scheme which uses red and black to great effect. The memory slots alternate red and black, the four graphics slots are red, the PCI and PCI Express x11 slots are black, the six SATA connectors on the ICH10R Southbridge are black and the three SATA connectors on the two add-in JMicron controllers are red.

Across the foot of the board the Power button is red and the Reset button is black, along with red USB headers for the four ports on the supplied bracket. There are eight USB ports on the I/O panel along with dual Gigabit LAN, one Firewire, an eSATA and full surround audio with optical and coaxial digital connections. You also get a Clear CMOS button on the I/O panel for when the overclocking going gets tough.

John Doe

August 13, 2009, 5:05 pm

"The E760 has been given a cosmetic makeover and looks quite striking compared to the E758/E759", so what are those cosmetic differences between the E760 and the Classified E759 (Limited Edition) that makes it "quite striking"? Except for the NF200 the E760 and E759 looks the same.

Leo Waldock

August 13, 2009, 5:50 pm

Apologies, it's a typo on my part. The E760 Classified has been given a makeover compared to the E758 that I reviewed previously and not the E759.

John Doe

August 13, 2009, 7:08 pm

Oh ok! Do you have any problems with the psu and the Classified? I've read a lot of that @evga forums.

Leo Waldock

August 13, 2009, 9:43 pm

What sort of problems would you/the forums mean? I had a problem in the sense that I don't have a PSU with 24+8+8 pin motherboard connectors (just the usual 24+8) and plugging in three or four graphics cards requires a huge number of eight and six pin PCIe connectors but everything appeared to work absolutely fine.

John Doe

August 14, 2009, 11:16 am

Mostly cold boot problem (a lot of psu models are "incompatible" with the board, if something like this could happen...), in fact there's a post dedicated to post which psu works withe the Classified, which ones have issues and finally, which ones doesn't get along with it.

Leo Waldock

August 14, 2009, 4:21 pm

I had no such problems with my Listan Be Quiet Dark Power Pro 650W

Oddly enough I have had trouble in the past with models based on AMD 780G were it turned out that the PSU I was using (an Antec as I recall) was too powerful for the board and I had to step down to a 450W PSU.

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