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Ardjuna Seghers

By Ardjuna Seghers



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DinoPC i7-Osaurus Gaming PC


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Enough with the hardware and software analysis though, it's time to check out whether this PC is a devil or a dinosaur when it comes to actual games. Starting off with Call of Duty 4, the £1,000 i7-Osaurus outperformed the £1700 PC-Specialist Vortex i950 Gaming PC (with its nVidia GTX 295 dual-chip graphics card) as long as anti-aliasing (AA) was left off - scoring an average of 171 frames per second (fps) at 1,920 x 1,200 with details turned up to maximum, compared to 156fps for the more expensive machine. Incidentally it also achieved a record-breaking maximum of 300fps with (AA) turned off.

Crysis is usually where heads start rolling though, both in the game and the real world. Indeed, here DinoPC's system failed to beat the mighty Vortex on any level. The good news is that even at 1,920 x 1,200 with details cranked up to Very High, it still managed a playable 28fps, trailing PC Specialist's machine by only two frames. Considering the price, heat and power differences, not to mention the extra DirectX 11 future-proofing the 5870 provides, this is impressive.

So does it mean that this dinosaur should be taken permanently off the extinction list? Well, yes, actually. DinoPC has intelligently gone for the best graphics card its budget of under £1,000 would allow, though overall it's not necessarily the most well-balanced configuration we've come across. If you want to save a little money, for example, you could go for a Core i5 CPU and 1,333Mhz RAM, which after adding on Windows 7 would come to £891.95.

If you don't mind slightly less graphics grunt, meanwhile, downgrading to a Radeon HD 5850 takes that down to £770.85 while it should maintain game-destroying performance in all but the most intensive titles. Still, the specifications that the i7-Osaurus offers would set you back around £1,200 from many assemblers, so it's definitely decent value as-is. Also, DinoPC has a price-matching scheme in place, so if you find a better deal elsewhere the company will try to match it.


A well-built machine with an appealing mix of components, including the most powerful single-chip graphics card on the planet, DinoPC's i7-Osaurus presents a good choice for under a grand.

The review specification can be found here.

Addendum: Unfortunately the Asus P7P55D motherboard used in this PC does not support CrossFire 8x/8x as stated in the review. Unlike the Deluxe version it only allows 16x/4x. However, this does not affect the scores as the DinoPC is already fitted with the most powerful single-chip graphics card available (making future upgrades less likely) and still represents excellent value.


October 28, 2009, 5:12 pm

Not bad - Core i7 & HD5870 would be my choice if I were upgrading my Q6600 & HD4870 at the moment, especially considering the quality case and flexible configuration options.


November 4, 2009, 12:07 am

Its not the spec of the i7-Osaurus Gaming pc that's the problem it is dino pc themselves which is were it goes wrong.

After purchasing my i7 gamer from this bunch of lairs, this was where all my problems started.

my new pc would not work properly and after several conversations it was returned for repair. after several hundred more telephone calls my pc was returned and guess what it didn't work, finally and after several days of promises i had it picked up a second time. By this time I had enough and asked for my money back which also took them forever and in the end i had to get my credit card company involved.

So from my experiance and this article, good pc spec but buy from another company.


November 11, 2009, 5:45 pm


Indeed, though as mentioned in my article I'd probably go for a Core i5 processor with a view to upgrading when better/cheaper P55 Core i7s come around.


Wow, that's pretty bad - sorry to hear that.

Does anyone else have any experiences with DinoPC that they would care to share?


January 18, 2010, 11:54 am

I ordered my last gaming PC from DINOPC and they were really helpfull. I found that they offered the cheapest rig around for my specification (and i do like to shop around) and when they went over their delivery deadline (back then it was a week) because of a shortage of NVIDIA 8800 (512s) they whacked in an extra 2GB of XMS2 Corsair RAM free of charge. I was that impressed with the trouble free gaming I have had for the last two years I've just ordered another rig of them albeit not as powerfull as i would of liked due to the arrival of a new carpet commando draining my finances. I will update you though if I have any problems with this one.

By the way I love this website. Excellent reviews. I use you all the time before I buy anything.



February 18, 2010, 5:05 pm

BEWARE - I would advise extreme caution when dealing with DinoPC. I ordered from them before Christmas and I still do not have a working computer. They refuse to communicate and haven't even issued a single apology. Their computers may be cheap but it comes at a hefty price.

In brief: They sent the computer without a graphics card and with broken components. Refused to provide a replacement, repair, or refund. Lied about sending a replacements only to later admit that nothing had been sent. In the end I've had to get my Credit Card company involved to get my money back as they refused to refund me.

I would give more details but I don't want the post to appear libellous (even though it contains nothing but the truth).

'taffie13' on 03/11/09 also had problems. I wish I had seen their post before considering ordering from DinoPC :(


February 18, 2010, 5:24 pm


Glad to be of help!


Yikes, another horror story, and an unfortunate contrast to adie's experience. Let us know if anyone else has problems with DinoPC. Once could have been an isolated incident, but it appears problems are more widespread?


February 18, 2010, 7:23 pm

Ardjuna, The worst part is that they are refusing to organise a collection of the computer and are threatening to get my Credit Card company to pay them back. Then I will be left with a computer case of broken bits for £1500!

I'm glad 'adie' had a good experience, I just hope it continues when something goes wrong. It appears that they are very good at taking money (as with me and taffie13) but are borderline fraudulent after they have made mistakes.

merty boy

February 26, 2010, 4:34 am

With regard to DinoPc customer service, I can honestly say that I had no issues with them at all. I spoke to them on a few occasions both via email and telephone. They answered the phone promtly, replied quickly to my emails and answered all of my questions. The DonoPc i7 osaurus turned up on time and was set up with all drivers installed, and the pc build was neat and tidy. Couldn't really have asked for more.


April 13, 2010, 3:29 am

In response to allegations posted by "Almo" on just about every computer-related forum, here's how the situation actually played out. "Almo" bought a £1.5k gaming PC before Christmas with a new ATI card, at the time stock was an issue so it was agreed with "Almo" that PC would be shipped without the card, once graphics card arrives it would be shipped separately.

PC was delivered to him ASAP, unfortunately the large CM V8 cooler came loose inside. Even though we used padding INSIDE the case this didn't help on this occasion. It was agreed that a replacement cooler would be sent so the system wouldn't have to be collected during holiday season. The cooler delivery was delayed, "Almo" became very cross and requested a refund. Understandable, we simply had to collect the system and process the refund.

But, "Almo" did not agree with a weekday collection slot. A weekend slot was not possible with Fedex, "Almo" was advised of this. Instead of working towards a resolution he simply filed a chargeback with his bank claiming that the goods were not delivered, and attempted extortion by sending us an invoice for £500 for "storage costs".

Any allegations of poor communication are completely unfounded, "Almo" has had no issues whatsoever getting through to us via the many communication options we offer - phone, email, live chat.

Damaged computers are the biggest headache in this industry, and we have addressed this a few months ago by using a second cushioned box to guarantee safe arrival.

We are not in the business of suing people, but this has crossed our minds as the comments made are defamatory, the majority of forum posts are made in spite in the heat of the moment. People should sometimes cool down for a minute and consider that maybe a company has done the best it can with the resources it has and not jump to negative conclusions.


April 13, 2010, 1:05 pm

Interesting take on events. I do not like being called a liar, and I tried my best to limit what I wrote to a general overview of dealing with your company. However, I am more than happy in correcting you in detail. I am looking forward to your excuses that you come up to explain the truth (again).


The cooler delivery was delayed, "almo42" became very cross and requested a refund.

As confirmed by your staff, and within written correspondence, I was promised a replacement cooler for before Christmas. Weeks passed and no delivery. After multiple calls and emails, and now way after Christmas, I was finally told that no replacement cooler had actually been ordered in the first place and I had been told lies regarding it. No apology was given and no explanation either. Rather understandably, I requested a refund rather than just have a useless box that couldn't be turned on.


But, "almo42" did not agree with a weekday collection slot. A weekend slot was not possible with Fedex, "almo42" was advised of this.

I was advised by your member of staff that as no week-day slots were available that he would check with his supervisor and get back to me. I was told this on multiple occasions over multiple weeks. I never once got called or emailed back regarding this. Again it appears that I was lied to regarding this matter. Every time I contacted you it was a case of 'checking with the supervisor' and a promised call-back. Neither of which appear to have been done.


Instead of working towards a resolution he simply filed a chargeback with his bank claiming that the goods were not delivered,

The chargeback with the bank was only lodged after waiting weeks for the promised call-backs and not hearing anything from you. Repeated attempts at communication were ignored and so the only course of action was to contact the bank.


and attempted extortion by sending us an invoice for £500 for "storage costs".

I wonder why you didn't explain the invoice of £500 properly? Very amusing. Here are the facts.

On 5 Feb (11 weeks after this started and still no apology) I sent a letter requesting a resolution to this issue. It was 3 pages long an listed every single fault your company had made, every single lie your company had told, and every single concession that I had made to get this resolved as soon as possible (all ignored). Fed up with the situation I gave you guys 7 days to finally contact me (as repeatedly promised). If no contact was made in this time, I would report the matter to Watchdog, Trading Standards, online (such as this website) and also charge you £500 for 'storage costs'.

Unsurprisingly, even though actually I gave you 11 days to respond, you didn't. Therefore I sent my invoice in a last-ditch effort to have to you contact me. I was very disappointed to find that only the threat of having to pay (rather than trying to offer good customer service, or upholding promises and not lying to customers) made you finally respond to me.


Any allegations of poor communication are completely unfounded, "almo42" has had no issues whatsoever getting through to us via the many communication options we offer - phone, email, live chat.

I apologise, I could get through to you as a company, that is correct. However, the staff members I spoke to could not help me, and this mysterious "supervisor" never once called me back, neither did any other staff member after discussing the issue with him. This is of course after been promised otherwise on multiple occasions.


We are not in the business of suing people, but this has crossed our minds as the comments made are defamatory

Please sue me, I look forward to putting all the evidence I have to a judge. I especially love the fact that it took until 18 Feb 2010 before I received my VERY FIRST apology from you guys for all your failings. This was only after sending my last-ditch invoice and the matter being passed on to your CEO, Mr Vladimir Kuznetsov. BTW - interesting Guardian article is found if you google "Vladimir Kuznetsov dino pc" (around 5th link down).

So in brief, I had to deal with blatant breaches of the Sales of Goods Act and the associated Distance Selling regulations. Was lied to repeatedly, and only finally got a resolution by threatening them with an invoice. Trying to be nice and come to a mutually-agreeable resolution didn't seem to work. If you're happy having to go through all this, then feel free in using them as a company. Obviously, you may be luckier than me, but be wary of what you may have to be forced to do.

Dino PC, if I have told one single lie above, then please correct me by replying to this thread and issue the court papers. Otherwise I recommend you stop calling me a liar (that's defamation don't you know...).


June 16, 2010, 3:50 pm

One of the best thing about dinopc is their customer service; prompt, polite and helpful. This is definitely one of the major factors I would continue buying from dinopc. All through the 2 weeks from purchase to arrival I kept bothering them with queries and all the time they were very professional in handling my queries.

When the desktop finally arrived, and i connected all mains etc it was merely plug and play. I just received my desktop like 30mins before I started typing this comment haha. All the hardware checked out and it was just such an awesome experience knowing that nothing is wrong.

And for all those who play down dinopc, seriously they need to understand that pricewise dinopc can offer 15% less compared to major competitors. Not to mention that as a small company they are bound to have stock issues that could delay delivery. If they are so fussy and complain about trivial matters then pls go and buy from dell or some major company. I'm sure these companies are happy to take +15% price off you anytime.

In summary...

Customer service: Excellent

Product quality: Excellent

Packaging: Excellent

Value for money: Excellent

Delivery time: Not great (2 weeks for mine)... best to pay that additional £25 for quick delivery if you are impatient like me

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