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Move to something a bit more populist, however, and the Denons really come into their own. A session with Muse's Absolution had me really tapping my feet. The bass these headphones generate is quite something: visceral, thundering and as unmovable as a stubborn elephant, yet it never becomes ill-defined or muddy. Nitin Sawhney's album Beyond Skin is littered with low, gut-wrenching bass that's almost subsonic at time. The AH-D2000s reproduce them in all their gut-wrenching glory.

Another strength of the Denons is that they're also extremely easy to listen to. I do occasionally feel with the Grados that they're almost too detailed - not so here. They're so laid back and smooth I felt I could listen to them for hours on end without wanting to take a break.


The Denon AH-D2000's are clearly highly capable all-round headphones, a fact backed up by their performance with all types of music. Whatever you play through them - be it Metheny, Metallica or Macy Gray - you'll be sure to enjoy it.

Granted, they may not be as pure, as detailed and dynamic, or as airy as my Grados, but I found myself reaching for the Denons more often. They're very comfortable, lovely to listen to and well worth £250 of your hard-earned cash. Buy a pair, match it with a decent headphone amplifier and they'll blow you away.

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