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Dell 2150cdn
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The 2150cdn is Dell’s new player at the lower end of the workgroup colour laser market - a monolithic machine designed to print up to 23ppm. Although some of its lower-end colour page printers use LED engines, this machine and others in the same range continue to use laser mechanisms.

If you believe the Borg have what it takes in industrial design, you’ll love the 2150cdn, which, without the pipework, is still a big, black cube. The only things to really break the square-cut lines of the machine are the inset output tray in its top surface and the triangular ridge supporting its 2-line, 16-character, backlit LCD display.

The control panel is very logically designed, with just seven buttons. There’s a diamond of cursor keys, with a tick for OK in the centre, plus a key to call up the menus and another to cancel or back-up through the levels.

A single paper tray sits in the front panel and allows for 250-sheets of plain paper. There’s scope for envelopes and special media, too, but only one item at a time, as the printer has a feed slot, rather than a pull-down, multi-purpose tray. A second 250-sheet tray is available as an option, but the maximum capacity is still only 501 sheets.

There’s no front-panel USB socket for printing from USB drives and the only sockets at the back are for USB input from a computer and a gigabit Ethernet connection for networking. This model has no wireless, though a plug-in dongle is available as another option

The drum and fuser unit is supplied in situ and is accessed by folding down the front panel of the printer. It should only need maintenance at the end of its life and replacement is included in the standard service agreement, the first year of which is included in the price of the 2150cdn. The four toner cartridges, which are available in two yields, slot in at the side, behind a hinged cover.

Dell supports both Windows and Mac OS X with drivers and supplies software and there’s also support for Novel Netware, Citrix and various Linux flavours.


January 18, 2011, 11:44 pm

This is not about the review as much as it is about the word “workgroup” used by the printer / copier industry. This unit and others like it in the real world would be ok in an office of 1 to 3 people. To me a workgroup is 5 people. If you put this unit and other like it in a workgroup of 5 people they would be pulling their hair out by the end of the month if not sooner. Because they would be spending more time replenishing the trays and replacing the toner then they should. I wish the industry would quick using these types of words to mislead business / people and misrepresent their products.

I am in the business of servicing and selling laser products. I have seen quite a few office using products that are either to small or too large for the environment they are in, because they take the word of the manufacture and or dealer using such words as “workgroup”. They should be talking a closer look at the paper and the toner capacity the unit has in comparison to what the end users might need. Then look at the speed that would be required in the office.

Thanks for all your reviews.

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