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As you'll see later, the killer combo of the super-fast CPU combined with the vast quantity of RAM already means the CyberPower Infinity i7 Phoenix is a screamer, but one of the most significant factors in its overall speed is its humble primary hard drive - or in this case, the not so humble 80GB Intel X25 SSD, which still just about retains its title as fastest overall SSD we've yet tested. General performance is improved over PCs based on moving parts hard drives and more importantly for the gaming crowd, in most cases game and level loading times are reduced too. For those who need a little more capacity, fear not, as CyberPower has included a secondary 1TB Samsung SpinPoint F3 'traditional' hard drive for your multimedia collection.

We usually leave the PCMark Vantage results chart till after the review, but we're making an exception here as… well, just look at them!

Admittedly this is a synthetic benchmark and none of the other PCs have SSDs, but it's certainly indicative of the kind of performance you can expect CyberPower's uber-PC to churn out in a variety of non-gaming tasks and applications. To put it simply, this is one lightning-quick machine, and the most powerful PC we've yet seen in our labs.

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