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Crumpler Righthand 15.4in Laptop Bag review

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Though we're often telling you about the latest and greatest in notebook computing, it's not often that we find the time to recommend something to carry them around in. And, when you think about it, finding the perfect laptop bag is just as important as the machine itself, especially for those regularly on the move. So, let us put this wrong partially right by taking a look at a recent addition to the Crumpler laptop bag line, the Righthand.

Now, Crumpler is a name that'll be familiar to a great many people. Renowned for a long time for its excellent line in camera bags; it has equally long been associated with laptop bags and plenty else besides. More often than not its offerings are also very colourful and individual and though this is great for us Average Joe's, those who spend more time in an office may be laughed out of employment for turning up with a bright yellow bag with orange accents. Thus, for those that Crumpler terms "pinstripe, pencil pushing, pointdexters who were getting stroppy about our strappies" it has produced the more restrained Righthand.

It comes in three varieties: the Oatmeal and Dark Brown Leather version we have here, a Dull Black/Grey edition and a more colourful Firebrick Red/Dark Red. It's a messenger style shoulder bag that can carrying notebooks up to 15.4 inches wide, while also providing plenty of space for an assortment of tools and accessories, including chargers, spare batteries and the like. All this space does mean it's not the smallest bag about, measuring 43cm across and 35cm tall, but versatile it certainly is.

It's also very strong. As with most of Crumpler's bags it is made from its Chicken Tex Supreme fabric, which is waterproof, very resistant to wear and tear and provides a decent level of protection for what is a soft fabric bag. Indeed, we'd say it's about as protective as you're likely to find short of actually buying a hard case bag, or a Panasonic ToughBook for that matter.


October 5, 2010, 4:44 pm

That looks like a very practical bag. The only issue I have with it is that it looks like all the rest of the laptop cases around at the moment. I have had real problems trying to find a laptop bag to take to work with me everyday that looks nice and keeps my computer protected. All the ones I could find either didn’t have a shoulder strap or were attractive and were very expensive and didn’t have enough protection. In the end, after weeks of moaning about it my friend told me to go and visit www.oliepops.com. I managed to pick myself up one decorated with a Union Jack for just £24.99. The payment was quick and easy as I could pay by Paypal and it was delivered the next day. At the moment they have an offer where you can get 15% off everything if you use the promotional code “Issy”.

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