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Creative Zen Vision: M - Creative Zen Vision: M

By Benny Har-Even



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Creative Zen Vision: M


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One thing that isn’t integrated into any software is an online store, aka iTunes. However, Creative has created the Zencast web site, which aggregates content, such as Podcasts onto the Zen. It requires you download and install some extra software, which is currently still in Beta, but it’s a start. At least it looks as though the iPod is the only way to get this type of content. Of course for convenience iTunes wins for buying music and video online, but the latter is still only available inside the US.

One annoying issue is that on several occasions when playing video the player stopped responding. This meant I had to reset it using the pin size hole at the base of the player, so make sure you have one with you when on the move.

Overall though, I must admit that I was really impressed with the Vision: M. The biggest disappointment is that it’s quite thick, especially for the capacity. But in terms of usability it’s on par with the iPod. It slider and button interface isn’t quite as sleek as the simplicity of the click wheel, but the shortcut button is something that the iPod could really do with.

It’s not as special to hold though, and for many that simple fact that it’s not an iPod will put them off. But there are many genuine reasons to buy the Zen Vision: M over the iPod. The screen is undoubtedly superior, it’s got a longer video battery life, it can play many files without conversion, and you can use it with multiple PCs without restriction, while if you want to Autosync, the iPod locks you in to one machine.

Ultimately, if music is your primary interest then the its advantages aren’t as clear cut, though you can easily use the Zen with WMA based stores such as Napster. And if you want to be able to download episodes of 24 or Lost via a Torrent site and drag it quckly over to your player before you dash off to work, to watch on the train then the Zen is the player for you.


The Zen Vision: M is the best media player Creative has yet released and as such, demands attention. The quality of its display is its biggest assest over the fifth generation iPod, and it offers navigation innovations such as a shortcut button. It’s still not as stylish as Apple’s player or quite as effortless to use, but its the best case yet presented on why you should consider a media player other than an iPod.

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December 30, 2008, 6:53 am

well underrated yet i love it, it can do everything the ipod video can't check out the link which compares the 2.



March 11, 2009, 1:47 pm

Product Does not last longer than warranty!

The first couple of months that I had this player,I found it terrific.

It had a great sound quality long lasting battery and al.

After a few months though,first problems arose.

The battery didn t last as long as before,actually didn t last long at all any more,

but I was ok with that,same happens with cell phones right?

However that besides the fading battery,the mp3 player become stuck from time to time

and I had to reset it from time to time. Then came the final blow,a hard disc problem.

Resetting,reloading firmware didn t help so I contacted creative support where it as agreed that

they 'd replace the mp3 player as I still had warranty.

Couple of months after that the EXACT same problems arose and again the hard disc problem occurred.

This time my warranty was expired though.

I kept all previous correspondence to prove I had had the same problem before,

bus as I was out of warranty they didn t want to fix the player any more though it was the exact same problem!

It then became clear to me why Creative is cheaper then I pod.

So my advice to you is,safe yourself all the troubles,buy a product that lasts LONGER than the warranty.

I feel betrayed by Creative and will never ever buy a product from them again.

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