Creative Zen Stone Plus Deals

By Jonathan Bray



June 24, 2009, 3:14 pm

I have had a Stone for about 5 months and have found it a little flaky in terms of its user interface and the amount of times its needs to be reset. The sound quality is nowhere near as good as the Ipod Nano my kids have in the house, nor as reliable. Since Apple lifted the digital protection rights, it’s no contest by the Nano.

Moreover it broke and I have returned it to Creative within its warranty period, and the back up service is very inefficient and it’s taken over month of emails and still no return as yet.

Overall my impression is that the product is ok at best for its price but the support and back up is poor, spend a little more and get something better.

moochy minselfen

March 31, 2013, 12:09 pm

I disagree with some of your points here. I find that the screen gives a huge advantage over the Shuffle, and I find that I like the centre button and the D-Pad.
I however agree that it is a cheap option, and that the plastic just doesn't feel great.
Battery life also is a downside. I have to recharge mine all the time, and it loses charge even when it is turned off (it uses power to keep the time). You have to charge it through the computer, unless you have a USB power adaptor, like the ones that come with iPhones.
For a quick and easy way to listen to your songs without unnecessary hassle, the Zen Stone Plus is an option to consider.

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