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By Edward Chester



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Creative T12 Wireless


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Now you can wander round the house/room streaming music from your phone or sit down with your laptop and you're free from the burden of connecting up any cables: it just works. Take your laptop out of range of the speakers and it will simply revert back to using the inbuilt speakers.

All told, it's really simple to setup, and once done so it's a surprisingly liberating thing to be able to move around untethered. Of course, for this very reason, it's a rather pointless thing to buy if you have a desktop PC or seldom move your laptop away from your desk.

Wireless or not, what the T12s must of course do is create great sounding audio and for the most part, that's precisely what they do. As already noted, they don't deliver audiophile levels of clarity with a slightly muffled, flat presentation. Conversely, bass is clearly given a boost so there's a substantial thump to kick drums and rumble to bass lines.

The result is that most genres of music are enjoyable to listen to: you're never left wanting for warmth, depth and bass while the top end never gets harsh. So no matter if you're after the floor pounding beats of Prodigy, the head banging brutality of Metallica, the subtlety of Mozart, the groove of Bob Marley, or the sheer skank of The Specials, these should give you something that's a satisfying listen. Pushing up the volume, things do get a bit muddy when the bass is being driven hard but you're talking volume levels that far exceed anything you'd be using in a normal desktop environment before this happens to any detrimental effect. Certainly, for the price, we couldn't complain.

Comparing to Creative's own T20s, the GigaWorks set definitely have better clarity and maintain their balance much better when the volume is pumped up. However, right across the volume range, they lack the bass kick of the T12s, so it really depends what you prioritise. For fans of subtler genres like classical, jazz and folk, you'll probably find the T12s a bit lacking in clarity but those who prefer their music to be a bit bombastic then they will more than suffice.

Comparing to other Bluetooth solutions, there aren't all that many that have this separate stereo format, with most being ipod dock-style speaker bars, such as the Creative ZiiSound D5 and few of these lend themselves as well to a desktop computer setting, nor can we think of any that offer as satisfying audio at such a reasonable price.


If you want to stream music from your phone or laptop to your speakers without the need for wires, these Creative T12s do the job admirably. They're easy to setup and provide a nice rounded sound that suits most genres. They're not the most practical if you want a portable solution, nor are they as elegant as the all-in-one speaker bars, but for having setup on a desk, ready for your laptop or desktop PC, they are a great buy.

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January 27, 2011, 3:42 pm

Is it just me or is it pointless to have these as wireless speakers when you have a wall wart & a cable connection between the two speakers?.


January 27, 2011, 6:35 pm

No, it's not only you. They should be also battery (and maybe solar) powered. And wirelessly connected together.


January 27, 2011, 6:39 pm

It does seem pointless alchobot. There should at least be options for rechargeable, batteries with laptop or induction based charging when used with a desktop.


January 27, 2011, 6:57 pm

Well, it's one less cable to connect when you return with your laptop. Clearly, that's the setup these speakers were designed for. Although if you're routinely plugging in a single USB wire, you might as well use a USB sound card/speakers. I can also imagine using it as a dedicated sound-out for mobile phones. Adding a battery or a wireless interconnection (and solar charging? right) would make this a totally different product: more expensive, less compact, worse sounding.

What happens to the sound from the Aux-In when audio is streamed via BT? Is it muted or are both sources mixed together? I've often complained that you keep reviewing speakers in the kilobucks range, so I appreciate reviews like this. ;)

Julian Bell

February 4, 2011, 5:29 pm

Just a warning to anyone thinking of buying these; the cheapest price in the UK appears to be pixmania, and their picture suggests the product you reviewed, as well as the fact that you have pixmania down as your supplier. However, I ordered from them on sunday night, they arrived on thursday, and they were Creative Inspire T12, an american model I think, as there was certainly no bluetooth capability, an aux in on the front in place of the bluetooth button. Hope this helps anyone who might've done what I did. Creative currently offer them for £75 with a free USB or iPod bluetooth adapter, and free delivery (usually £5) if you spend £79.

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