Creative Aurvana X-Fi Headphones Deals

By Riyad Emeran



November 9, 2009, 3:53 pm

Don't buy these. Although the sound quality is excellent, it's dependent upon them actually working. I had to take the first pair back to the shop as the lead was faulty, the second pair had exactly the same problem. Unfortunately, I was out of the country and was unable to take them back to the shop within the returns period and had to go through the Creative website. This was a nightmare in itself. When I eventually did get hold of an email address (unlike most other people who commented on their board), the customer service was simply appalling. After numerous emails over more than a week, I was finally told that I could have a new lead but only after boxing up the headphones and sending them back at my expense (and they took no responsibility for the headphones at any point). Which would cost more than the new lead. But I can't simply buy a new lead as the jack surround is specially shaped (oh, and I can't even buy one from Creative, as they don't provide any after sales service). This is without doubt the worst customer service I have ever received for the shoddiest product - ok if 1 was faulty but 2 from different branches? I would recommend Bose instead - I've heard good things about their after sales service (both for warranty and purchasing spares) and the sound quality is also excellent and similar price (when I purchased).

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