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Corel VideoStudio Pro X3
  • Corel VideoStudio Pro X3
  • Corel VideoStudio Pro X3
  • Corel VideoStudio Pro X3
  • Corel VideoStudio Pro X3
  • Corel VideoStudio Pro X3
  • Corel VideoStudio Pro X3
  • VideoStudio Pro X3 (Video Editing - Complete Product - Standard - 1 User - Retail - PC - English)


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Throughout its history, Corel VideoStudio Pro has been one of the most consistently capable video editing packages, and it has been around a long time. Corel's bizarre use of the Roman numeral for ten obscures this somewhat, but VideoStudio is now on its 13th incarnation. This may seem like an unlucky revision, but it contains some key additions, particularly regarding editing performance.

However, the first clear difference compared to the previous version, Corel VideoStudio Pro X2, is the new Launcher. When you load VideoStudio Pro X3, you're presented with an initial splash screen that gives you options to head for the DV-to-DVD wizard, call up DVD Factory Pro 2010 or VideoStudio Express 2010, as well as the full VideoStudio Pro X3 application.

The Launcher provides quick access to all the various apps now included with VideoStudio Pro X3

The second clear difference appears when you choose the main app. Corel has significantly redesigned the look of VideoStudio's interface, although the core functions are arranged in a similar fashion to previous versions. Production is still divided into three basic stages - Capture, Edit, and Share - which are ranged as tabs along the top of the interface. However, each of these stages is no longer broken down to separate tasks in the same way, making the process somewhat easier to understand.

Quickly throw together an edit with the new VideoStudio Express 2010 wizard-based tool

If your current edit is simple and doesn't require the power of the full app, you can now use VideoStudio Express 2010 instead. This is a brand new addition to the toolset, providing a considerably cut-down selection of capabilities. First, the app will scan your hard disks for content, from which you can choose the files you wish to include in the edit. You then select a style, after which VideoStudio Express will cut your video together for you.

You can add more media, change the style, and apply titles as well as a soundtrack. Individual clips can be trimmed and reordered, you can add white balance, change brightness, reduce noise and reduce shake. Essentially, this is a wizard-based automatic editing tool. But it can also directly share your videos on YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Flickr, and via email as well as creating a standalone file. Projects can be sent to the full VideoStudio app, too.


June 14, 2010, 12:39 pm

Great review for a phenomenal product. Corel/Ulead VideoStudio was the first video editing software that I made use of and I have to say its ease of use allowed for my passion to grow to what it is today.

Richard Pattle

September 6, 2010, 3:15 am

adoniteINK you were obviously one of the lucky ones that didn't have the program lock up and stop every 5 minutes, so much so that I couldn't even complete a 6 minute HD video footage edit, the very thing this ProX3 was supposed to be able to handle. Before you all ask about my computer's ability, it runs windows 7, has 4Gb ram, 1 GB graphics and an i7 processor, so it has more than enough power to be able to handle HD video editing.

Check out customer feedback on forums and places like Amazon to see I am far from alone regarding program instability issues.

What I need is a RELIABLE, easy to use, HD video editing program, to edit the captured HD footage from my Canon EOS 550D (an excellent piece of kit).

This Corel Pro X3 is totally useless.

Has anyone any suggestions?

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