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Coolermaster XCraft 360 Hard Drive Enclosure - Coolermaster XCraft 360 Hard Drive Enclosure

By Edward Chester



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Round the back you get connections for power, USB 2.0, and eSATA as well as a large power switch, all of which are clearly labelled. I did find the power cable kept falling out the first few times I used it, until I realised it needs a good shove to plug in properly, after which it seemed to cope. It's worth noting, though, these connectors are standard for all 3.5in external hard drives so it's a common problem.

The design of the front is a bit hit and miss and it doesn't altogether tie-in with the sleek understated look of the rest of the enclosure. In particular, the XCraft logo has that kind of gamer-cool look that you associate with graphics card boxes and dodgy peripherals that are meant to transform even the clumsiest of us into uber fraggers. All well and good, if that's what you're into, but for the rest of us a plain front would've been fine.

Two light grey plastic inserts are located on either end of the front. The one on the right houses the power and status indicators, which glow blue and pink, respectively, while the one on the left is a latch for the caddy door. Just a gentle squeeze enables the door to be opened ready to add or remove a drive, which of course is what makes this enclosure so special.

Adding a drive is a simple process of opening the door and sliding the drive in. It takes a fair push to close the door, as you're simultaneously pushing the power and data pins into the connectors at the bottom of the caddy but it's very easy to use. Even better though is the ease with which you can remove the drive. As you open the door a clever lever system activates an arm hidden inside the caddy that pushes the drive out ready for you to remove. It doesn't sound that impressive on paper but when you see it in action it is really neat.

Also impressive was the performance of the enclosure. Using our standard set of file transfer tests, with a 250GB 7,200rpm Maxtor hard drive loaded into the enclosure, transferring the 1GB video file over USB was significantly faster than on our dedicated 400GB USB External hard drive. The results for the multiple photo test were less impressive but were still very close.

Moving to eSATA made things even faster with both the file transfer tests being completed nearly as fast as if the hard drive was connected directly to the computers onboard SATA ports. Of course, the performance of a hard drive enclosure is largely dependent on the hard drive inside it so your results may vary but from our tests there was no obvious bottleneck caused by the enclosure itself.


The CoolerMaster XCraft 360 is incredibly easy to use with its tool-less hard drive mechanism and, with good looks and decent performance, it makes for a great overall package. However, it is a little more expensive than your average hard drive caddy, and as such finds itself competing with more feature rich models. If you can find it a little cheaper, though, it's definitely worth a go.

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