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Cello iViewer C3298DVB 32in LCD TV - Cello iViewer C3298DVB

John Archer

By John Archer



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Actually, the iViewer C3298DVB is pretty damn short of features full stop once you look past its eye-catching online functionality. The perfunctory-looking - and rather small - onscreen menus host practically nothing of interest bar, unless, um, its noise reduction system floats your boat.

The extremely busy looking remote control promises a few more bits and bobs. But in reality, aside from offering control of your satellite receiver and DVD deck, most of its more unusual buttons are to do with either the Internet functionality or the electronic programme guide for its onboard Freeview tuner. It has to be said, too, that the remote’s layout feels rather confusing and unintuitive.

The EPG, at least, warrants a mention, for it’s actually quite effective, presenting information clearly and keeping a small version of the picture running in the top right corner.

Regular readers might remember that the Cello iPod dock TV I mentioned earlier was rather let down by its picture quality. And so, to some extent, is the iViewer C3298DVB - though perhaps not totally disastrously so.

The main problem is that the set just isn’t very good at rescaling standard definition to fit its Full HD resolution. The processing used to achieve this appears to be basic in the extreme, leaving standard definition pictures looking so soft that at times they almost appear out of focus.

Colours while watching standard definition also leave much to be desired, with numerous tones failing to look natural and precious little finesse when it comes to portraying subtle blends. This leaves pictures looking rather flat and skin waxy.

Thankfully for the iViewer, though, it delivers much better results with HD sources. Free from the need for rescaling processing, HD images actually look quite sharp and detailed. This sudden sharpness also gives me the chance to appreciate how surprisingly little the iViewer suffers with LCD’s motion blur problem.


March 3, 2010, 9:14 pm

So it looks like this is "just" a television then :P

Sorry, I couldn't resist - John you are a better man than I for resisting the obvious M&S pun ;)

Ala Miah

March 3, 2010, 9:32 pm

I got 8mb broadband, 2 laptops and 1 TV.

Someone is watching a film on youtube and im trying to listen to some online radio, the poor bugger whos left to watch some iplayer on TV is swearing at us because it keeps buffering and isn't able to enjoy eastenders.

For families such as myself who each enjoy doing different things at the same time we need 100mb Broadband then Internet TVs - not the other way around.

Internet on TV has the last priorty in my house because its a TV, watch the TV you idiot!


March 4, 2010, 2:20 am

Slightly off topic but as you mention iPlayer here I will elaborate...

As someone who uses the open source XBMC on my HTPC to watch iPlayer stuff via a plugin I was very hacked off last week to find the BBC has quietly battened down 'security' on RTMP plugins so blocking any access to the BEEB content other than via iPlayer - THE NERVE OF IT!- No consultation with the license payer - nada.

See: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2...

Now, given they already check IP addresses to block outside UK access ( unless hidden via VPN of course) they then stop legitimate watching of their service.

NO way am I buying a set with this sort of functionality only to find later Auntie BEEB has taken the huff and blocked that too!

Of course, there are ramification on any content using FLASH player and Adobe's probable desire to control its use....

Yours disgusted Railway Cuttings, East Cheem :)


March 4, 2010, 8:20 am

Whoever designed that remote needs to be bashed on his (or even her) head with it. Even The Rain Man would struggle to remember the placement of each button.

Also for that price you'd expect to receive the 'catch-up' services from ITV and Channel 4 too. I do with Virgin Media.


July 31, 2014, 10:55 am

AVIOD CELLO,I bought a cello tv it only lasted 1 year 1 week glad I took the insurance out it could not be repaired so I received a new one this one had to go in for repair after 4 weeks 3 days, I only got rid of my old Toshiba what had lasted over 30 years to upgrade

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